What does 与える (Ataeru) mean in Japanese?

English Translation
More meanings for 与える (Ataeru)
give verb
出す, 贈る, 施す, 捧げる, 上げる
inflict verb
加える, 科する
grant verb
叶える, 授ける, 聞き入れる, 聞き届ける, 賜る
confer verb
贈る, 下さる, 垂れる, 諮る, 相談する
afford verb
affect verb
影響を及ぼす, 関わる, 係わる, 気取る, 障る
render verb
influence verb
関わる, 動かす, 係わる, 働き掛ける, 拘わる
damage verb
損なう, 傷める, 損じる, 損害を与える, 損う
furnish verb
備える, 備え付ける, 付ける, 取り付ける
award verb
贈る, 授ける, 賜う
present verb
差し出す, 奉ずる, 奉る, 併せる, 上げる
endow verb
bestow verb
賜る, 賜う, 垂れる
give away verb
harm verb
害する, 損なう, 損ねる, 損じる, 損う
disturb verb
ディスターブ, 乱す, 妨げる, 掻き乱す, 騒がす
interfere verb
差し支える, 障る, いじくる, 挟む, じゃまをする
accord verb
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損害を与える verb
Songai o ataeru to hurt, damage
Similar Words
提供する verb
Teikyō suru provide, offer
引き継ぐ verb
Hikitsugu take over, hand over
交渉する verb
Kōshō suru negotiate
出す verb
Dasu put out, issue, give, produce, send
残す verb
Nokosu leave
宛てがう verb
Ategau address, supply with, fasten to, allot
伏せる verb
Fuseru to face down, hide, lay, cover, turn over
伝える verb
Tsutaeru to convey, convey, tell, communicate, transmit
遣う verb
Tsukau to dispatch, donate, send, despatch, dispatch
差す verb
Sasu give in, offer, put up, lift, stretch out
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