What is the meaning of the Chinese word 撞了 (Zhuàngle)?

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More meanings for 撞了 (Zhuàngle)
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See Also in Chinese
Zhuàng hit, bump, strike, shove, run in
adjective, auxiliary verb, verb
Le the, know, finish, understand, settle
Similar Words
爆破 adjective, verb
Bàopò blasting, blast, blow up, demolish, dynamite
磕打 verb
Kē da knock out
损伤 noun, verb
Sǔnshāng damage, trauma, injure, harm, mar
拍击 verb, noun
Pāi jī slap, flop, smack, beat, spanking
伤害 verb, noun
Shānghài hurt, harm, injure, mischief, prejudice
突然 verb, adverb
Túrán suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly, pop, burst out
击败 verb
Jíbài beat, defeat, vanquish
adjective, verb, noun
Dīng nail, tack, spiked, urge, tail
kick, punt, play football, play soccer, lash out
adjective, verb, noun, conjunction
Dài band, belt, ribbon, carry, stripe
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