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  1. (collective) A group of fish or a group of marine mammals such as porpoises, dolphins, or whales.
  2. A multitude.
  1. (intransitive) (of fish) To form into, or travel in a school.
  1. (US, Canada) An institution dedicated to teaching and learning; an educational institution.
  2. (Britain) An educational institution providing primary and secondary education, prior to tertiary education (college or university).
  3. (Britain) At Eton College, a period or session of teaching.
  4. Within a larger educational institution, an organizational unit, such as a department or institute, which is dedicated to a specific subject area.
  5. An art movement, a community of artists.
  6. (considered collectively) The followers of a particular doctrine; a particular way of thinking or particular doctrine; a school of thought.
  7. The time during which classes are attended or in session in an educational institution.
  8. The room or hall in English universities where the examinations for degrees and honours are held.
  9. The canons, precepts, or body of opinion or practice, sanctioned by the authority of a particular class or age.
  10. An establishment offering specialized instruction, as for driving, cooking, typing, coding, etc.
  1. (transitive) To educate, teach, or train (often, but not necessarily, in a school.)
  2. (transitive) To defeat emphatically, to teach an opponent a harsh lesson.
  3. (transitive) To control, or compose, one's expression.
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