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  1. The third-person singular personal pronoun that is normally used to refer to an inanimate object, also often used to refer to animals.
  2. A third-person singular personal pronoun used to refer to a child of unknown gender.
  3. Used to refer to oneself when identifying oneself, often on the phone, but not limited to this situation.
  4. The impersonal pronoun, used without referent as the subject of an impersonal verb or statement. (known as the dummy pronoun or weather it)
  5. The impersonal pronoun, used as a placeholder for a delayed subject, or less commonly, object; known as the dummy pronoun or, more formally in linguistics, a syntactic expletive. The delayed subject is commonly a to-infinitive, a gerund, or a noun clause introduced by a subordinating conjunction.
  6. All or the end; something after which there is no more.
  7. (obsolete) Followed by an omitted and understood relative pronoun: That which; what.
  1. (obsolete) its
  1. One who is neither a he nor a she; a creature; a dehumanized being.
  2. The person who chases and tries to catch the other players in the playground game of tag.
  3. (Britain, uncountable) The game of tag.
  1. (colloquial) most fashionable.
  1. (language) Italian.
  2. Italy.
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