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  1. An individual; usually a human being. [from 13th c.]
    1. A character or part, as in a play; a specific kind or manifestation of individual character, whether in real life, or in literary or dramatic representation; an assumed character.
    2. (Christianity) Any one of the three hypostases of the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit.
    3. (chiefly in science fiction) Any sentient or socially intelligent being.
    4. (in a compound noun or noun phrase) Someone who likes or has an affinity for (a specified thing). [from 20th c.]
  2. The physical body of a being seen as distinct from the mind, character, etc. [from 14th c.]
  3. (law) Any individual or formal organization with standing before the courts. [from 14th c.]
  4. (grammar) A linguistic category used to distinguish between the speaker of an utterance and those to whom or about whom he is speaking. See grammatical person. [from 14th c.]
  5. (biology) A shoot or bud of a plant; a polyp or zooid of the compound Hydrozoa, Anthozoa, etc.; also, an individual, in the narrowest sense, among the higher animals.
  1. (obsolete, transitive) To represent as a person; to personify; to impersonate.
  2. (transitive, gender-neutral) To man.
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