What is an imputation?

What is an imputation? Here are some definitions.

  1. The act of imputing or charging; attribution; ascription.
  2. That which has been imputed or charged.
  3. Charge or attribution of evil; censure; reproach; insinuation.
  4. (theology) A setting of something to the account of; the attribution of personal guilt or personal righteousness of another
  5. Opinion; intimation; hint.
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Having regard to that uncontroverted evidence of Mr Bolt's state of mind it is clear that he did not care whether the article conveyed the defamatory imputation or not.
He exonerates Indian epic poetry, however, from any imputation of Greek influence.
This, at times subjected him to the imputation of meanness, but for this he cared little.
Then we must in every way strain every nerve to avoid the imputation of being slaves?
Associated standard deviations include a variance correction factor to account for variability as a result of the imputation process.
Jonathan Swift is generally regarded as a free liver, though probably the company he kept is often answerable for the imputation.

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