What is the meaning of the word abdominous?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word abdominous? Here are some definitions.

  1. Having a protuberant belly; potbellied. [Mid 17th century.]
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During expiration, the rectus abdominous muscle receives motor innervation from both the thoracoabdominal intercostal and subcostal nerves.
The external oblique abdominous, internal oblique abdominous muscle and transverse abdominous muscles are similarly innervated.
We chaps also know what it's like to be grossly abdominous, and if my byline photo were full length and in profile, you'd have perceived that I've been 14 months pregnant for the past five years.
Shear forces on the symphysis are created by muscular contractions of the rectus abdominous and adductor muscles, which leads to fatigue failure within the symphysis pubis ligament.
An immensely powerful muscle, the rectus abdominous starts out from the rib cage and stretches vertically over the abdominal wall.
The inverted rib cage of our degenerate bird obviously provides an evolutionary link with modern man's ominous abdominous.

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