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Likewise, Laurie Brereton, Latham's numbers man, occasionally walked the floor to have a yak to colleagues.
The stone walls and stick ceiling drip with black tar from decades of burning yak dung.
They could milk and herd the dzo, the cross between a yak and a cow, that meets most of Ladakh's dairy needs.
Draft animals, especially the ubiquitous dzo, a cross between a yak and a cow, play a central part in the farming economy.
You can make an appointment by calling 931-3385, or just stop in if you happen to be passing by and feel a yen to yak.
So it was easier to let the old blowhard yak away and just nod occasionally.
And now I'm knackered and going to lie down on the bed, squish my new do with my headset and yak to Walker until it's time for work.
Csif people would often go over the lab and sit on the couch drinking coffee and just yak about film stuff.
I was mainly doing vocals and they'd tell me what they had been doing all day, mainly we'd get together and yak away, mix all the material up.
I'm outta here early this week so's I can make the haj to Kalamazoo and yak about Making Senses Out of Scripture.
About a third of the population are herdsmen, and many families raise one or two yak for themselves.
The shrines in their homes are spattered with cooking fat and they recite a mantra in the same breath as they yell at a yak.
We walked through a yak herder's camp where great black beasts snorted columns of white steam.
I love that I don't have to make cheese from the juice of a yak, or headache pills from bark, or butter from the hooves of a caribou.
A team of Royal Navy marines joined the rescue effort before Conan endured a 17-hour journey back to base camp on the back of a yak.
Altitude sickness, parasites, frostbite and being gored by a yak are some of the reasons most people prefer to travel in their armchairs.
After all, this ticket could say that I was taking a mud bath with a yak in the Gobi desert for all we know, right?
Regular oxygen infusions from my canister prevent me from fainting, but a fellow passenger is not so lucky when we stop for a yak photo-op.
I yak about it here and also point you to a most astonishing photo of her preggy balloon-belly.
In the nearby field, a heavily yoked yak drags the wooden plough through the rocky soil to the singsong tune of his master.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Like the European Bison, the skeleton of the yak has fourteen pairs of ribs.
In Thibet the yak is, perhaps, the most useful animal to be found in the country.
Our store of yak meat was just at an end when Tundup Sonam killed an antelope.
The men plough with the zho, or hybrid yak, and the women break the clods and share in all other agricultural operations.
The hunting tribes pursue the yak, the kiang, and the antelope.
They may grow so long as to touch the ground as the yak walks.
The darkest skins of the Ka sig yak are highly prized by both sexes.
The blow was a sign to me, who am no better than a strayed yak, that my place is not here.
At one of them sat two Tibetans cutting up a yak which had died.
He told me about going for yak in the snow mountains south of Thibet.
The Taliban claimed killing two members of the Afghan Local Police and acknowledged the loss of only one militant in the Deh Yak clash.
Created in 2013 by two friends after they graduated from Furman University in South Carolina, Yik Yak has become a huge hit on college campuses nationwide.
The team usually flies six Russian designed Yak aircraft that combine the performance of a Spitfire with proven world class aerobatic manoeuvrability.
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