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Other critics say that the words Elohim and Yahweh indicate two different authors, and, who lived well after Moses' time.
In the Cabala, the Quaternical system is the Tetragrammaton, the four-letter name of God, commonly pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah.
Her compassion leads Pharaoh's daughter to rescue Moses from the reedy water just as Yahweh delivers the Hebrews from the Sea of Reeds.
In Exodus and Leviticus we read of how the attention of Yahweh is drawn towards those who sacrifice.
Moses ascends the mountain, talks with Yahweh, and comes back with clay tablets.
Elijah told the Israelites that Yahweh would bring drought to the land if they continued worshipping Baal.
It was through the personality and leadership of Moses in their escape from Egypt that the Israelites experienced the redemptive power of Yahweh.
The criticism here would then be that Isaac has failed to understand the true nature of the blessing Yahweh has bestowed on Abraham's family.
Oh right, some of the Gnostics identified the Demiurge with the Old Testament Hebrew god Yahweh.
The psalmist praises Yahweh for remaining faithful to God's people despite their long history of sin and apostasy.
Maybe you didn't know that rule is from the Old Testament and it means the Israelites were supposed to worship only Yahweh and not no other gods.
Here, at Sinai, Yahweh puts forward both promise and command.
What good is following Yahweh if Ahab and Jezebel will have their day?
Wisdom as pre-existent in a sense reinforces the Wisdom of Yahweh as the Lord of creation, both close to God and at the same time present in the world.
He might have pointed out, for example, that one reason why Yahweh is not to be imaged is that the only depiction of Him is provided by human beings.
It has roots in Israel's faith that Yahweh alone was their king.
He knew that the Temple area was meant to be a place of prayer where God-fearing people could gather to offer worship to Yahweh and seek his intervention in their lives.
Acknowledging Yahweh requires the reordering of everything else in life.
For the love of God, Allah, Yahweh and the winds willing repent your sins!
The garden had been planted by the god Yahweh, who had caused a spring to gush forth in the eastern desert to create a paradisal oasis.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In all these cases the angels, like the Mal'akh Yahweh, are connected with or represent a theophany.
The form Yahveh or Yahweh is a conjectural scholarly reconstruction, but no complete certainty attaches to it.
Lundbom recognizes that Holy War creates many theological problems, especially when some of its most offensive features are commanded by Yahweh.
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