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Trichinosis, a parasite found in pork, is the villain responsible for this accepted practice of burning of our precious pork chops.
To me, he is a great villain, responsible for millions of deaths and for keeping the country in poverty.
The play tells of a lady seduced by a villain after being tricked into believing her husband is having an affair.
If the Olympic Games' five gold rings are topically festive then so is a pantomime villain.
Is the English ivy covering the unattractive fence in my backyard really an environmental villain?
Jen is neither a typical villain nor a persona of heroic proportions in the conventional sense of chivalry inherent in the notion of wuxia.
He hid it away carefully, thus laying the groundwork for a future evil villain to rediscover it at some later time and take over the world then.
Well, fate had decided for him that he provide cheers to people for he had begun as a villain in his early days.
The villain is so lacking in character or interest that he seems secondary.
In the Sierra Nevada's Owens Valley, though, he is bitterly regarded as the villain who stole farmers' water and drove them to ruin.
As has been pointed out previously on spiked, the status of victim and villain are often interchangeable.
Of course the evil plot that the villain finally springs in the third act makes no particular sense.
Voldermort is the evil villain in the novel, the murderer of Harry's parents, and the creature who plans to kill Harry.
She produced a tape which she says lays bare the hypocrisy of a famous self-righteous director whom she depicts as a libidinous villain.
For this act he inherited the role of pantomime villain and was booed roundly every time he touched the ball from then on.
There's even a Hollywood feature film in production, featuring Ben Kingsley as evil villain the Hood, and due for release sometime next year.
A normal thriller would have a villain, ready to strike at any moment and a hero in hot pursuit of the truth that will set him or her free.
It was he who struck a match and carried out the dramatic unmasking of the villain.
Of course there's the end scene where the villain and the hero have a nice little mano-a-mano fight to the death.
Everyone liked this guy better than the guy in the film, so I gave him the backstory and jettisoned the other guy so I had a new villain.
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Examples from Classical Literature
To think that such a life as his should have been cut short by that atheistic villain!
Such goings-on are seen on the stage in South Shields in melodrama, and they are the goings-on of the villain.
Do you mean to insinuate, you villain, that my wife stole her own diamonds?
Aylward great villain, serve him jolly well right if Asika spiflicate him, that not Jeekie's fault.
It must be said for George Fleming that at least he was a hardy villain and no weakling.
Also the camel-goose might fling his neck about the villain, and strangle him.
When I looked round, I saw that treacherous villain, Hunsden acting as fugleman.
Meanwhile, the villain who betrayed her still maintains his standing in society, and plies his arts to win another victim.
If the Boers weren't deceived by that old villain Kruger, they'd never have fought us.
Well, if all they say is true, the villain has robbed one of his own best friends.
The Captain swore lustily that, on his return, he would seek out the villain penne and break his neck for him.
The villain is a villain because he is the son of a lowborn and base stonemason.
And do you remember what I said to that villain, Jack Malyoe, that night as his boat went by us?
If he had showed his ace, the villain, I should have declared a grand slam in no trumps!
Get down there and put your own shoulders to the wheels, you misbegotten villain.
But until you tell me youre the villain of the piece, I shant be able to believe it.
It represented the hero as unqualifiedly good and the villain as absolutely bad.
I tell you that this man, villain as he is, ever leaves me humbled and abased.
He dare be sure only that the yachtsman he had rescued was either a villain or a maniac.
On the contrary, I look upon you as a swaggering bully and a hoary villain.
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