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What course will justice take to make those responsible for the villainous wickedness perpetrated on the silent victims pay?
It tells the story of Vindici, who, impoverished and dispossessed, returns to court to murder the villainous duke.
A girl can't even get the satisfaction of contemplating evil deeds in a properly villainous position these days!
Victor, a tall wiry man with beady eyes and a villainous curly black goatee, announced calmly, unsmiling.
Carrey savours every flowery speech and villainous smirk in a performance that is more disciplined than one might have imagined.
Owen backed up a step as Solstice rubbed up against him, indulging in a villainous grin.
The Perdido Star eventually reaches Cuba, where young Jack's parents are murdered by the requisite villainous Spanish don.
Such is the case with a rancher named Baxter, a selfish baron so cold-hearted and villainous he lacks only a handlebar mustache to twirl.
Agatha was a famous beauty from a noble family, who was chased after by the villainous senator.
If you would accept our escort, we would guard you from bands of villainous outlaws.
All the villains are villainous, the damsels worthy of long low wolf whistles, the heroes swashbuckling.
He was a clean-living young man whose spare time ran to nothing more villainous than drama and singing.
My mother was like the evil clockwork of some kind of villainous clock gone haywire.
Because Hanks, that imperishably decent leading man, the Jimmy Stewart of our day, is improbably trapped inside a villainous role.
There is thus a mixture of the comic and the tragic, the virtuous and the villainous, the young and the old, the male and the female.
He chewed his betel nut, his lips reddened by the juice, while I fingered a villainous looking sword with a carved hardwood handle.
I watched the man with furtive caution as we traversed the forest, for I didn't trust him, even if he did not seem villainous.
His black mustache-goatee-beard combo made him look a little more villainous, or perhaps a little more dashing.
She lucked out here with a better cast, and Malkovich is clearly having too much fun playing the villainous, devilish aesthete Ripley.
The pair ham up their villainous parts while Nelson and the boys play it straight, confounding the audience about who to sympathize with.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Wrens and sparrows are not too ignoble a quarry for this villainous gos-hawk!
The light was dim, the liquor was villainous, and the air was dense with tobacco smoke.
Colette's foul walls and maculate table-linen, and even down to Colette's villainous casters, seemed like objects in a nightmare.
Murray's Silver is definitely the most interesting character in this movie, which is filled with villainous aliens like Scroop.
Gudrun Ure, who insisted on doing most of the stunts herself, took the title role while Iain Cuthbertson was the villainous Scunner Campbell.
But they venture into the Wolf Creek crater, where a villainous bushman prepares to introduce the couple to his trusty Bowie knife.
As well as Arthur, there was an array of colourful characters including brave Sir Gawain, the lovely Guinevere, and the villainous Morgan le Fay.
A moment later he emerged, a heavy-set young fellow of eighteen or nineteen, with a glowering, villainous countenance, trailing at his heels.
You don't know, darling, the wickedness of that villainous baggage.
That's what it is to be shut up in these villainous ramparts.
And Marbolt, villainous hypocrite that he was, was covering his tracks.
Look closely and you'll see Andrea on stage too as Hayrick, a dogsbody to one of the show's more villainous characters.
This woman has a villainous sweet breath, did she not stink of comfits.
This kids' favourite from TTTV saw Granny Smith fight the villainous Scunner Campbell and ride through the air on a two-wheel, multi-winged Flycycle.
He was drinking, and developing a villainous temper, and he stormed and cursed and raged at his men, and drove them until they were ready to drop with exhaustion.
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