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Just as he began to walk away, two men dressed in hakama walked up to him, sheathed swords in hand.
After cursing his opponent several times, the man sheathed his knife and cracked his knuckles.
His cloak was whipped with the wind underneath his sword, which was sheathed on his back.
Clumsily, he sheathed both of his swords and turned to get Vincent and Emma.
He stuffed the package into his pocket and sheathed his knife, wiping off the blood and brain matter on the back of Nick's shirt.
The exterior of the building is sheathed in embossed and perforated copper panels.
The man's right hand was sheathed in a white rubber glove but the other hand was free.
His teeth were glinting in the twilight and his fingers were barely sheathed in skin.
His feet were sheathed in black, silk socks while a black bow tie hung undone around his neck.
Some vehicles intended for testing on public roads are sheathed in so much black leather and vinyl that they resemble a dominatrix on wheels.
These are men begging to be oppressed by the female leg, preferably sheathed in silk.
His beautifully sculpted body was sheathed in tan breeches and a white lined shirt, half opened at the neck.
The walls were sheathed with finely shined wood, and plain white carpeting lined the floors.
Finally, she sheathed the sword and then took the necklace with her signet ring from around her neck and tossed it to him.
He stood there, sword still sheathed, but judging from his stance, he could easily unsheathe his sword and attack her.
Accompanied by bugles, two picadors then make their way out, their horses sheathed in an unwieldy but effective armour.
Imagine for a moment that the structures surrounding the memorial will be sheathed in an invisible skin of electricity-producing solar cells.
She was then breamed, scraped, caulked, payed, sheathed and coppered in record time.
A sheathed brush is passed through the bronchoscope then passed repeatedly over the visible lesion.
Her left hand strayed to her hip, towards the thin knife sheathed under her skirt.
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It was something of a shock to find that her colorful peasant getup was antiseptically sheathed in a white laboratory coat.
Mendoza lifted his sheathed sword and laid his right hand upon the cross-bar of the basket hilt.
The hull was made of stout oak planks, sheathed with greenheart and lined with fir.
Her body was sheathed in a grey dress, and seemed to have been moulded into the material.
More Irish than the Irish though he is known to be, he has for the moment sheathed his shillelagh.
It is sheathed with a steel band, which holds it like a vice, and it is cheaper and more lasting than iron.
The remiges remain sheathed, but the body feathers emerge from the tips of the sheaths.
He was sheathed from head to foot in a tight-fitting garment, black as Erebus!
Then through the red wrath of his eyne He saw a sheathed sword, Laid thwart that wasted field of wine, Amidmost of the board.
The mouths of these dinosaurs formed a kind of beak, sheathed in horn.
He sheathed the sword, smiling a little, and turned to turlough.
The Englishmen, convinced of these peaceful proceedings, sheathed their swords grumblingly.
Then Manuel sheathed flamberge, and Manuel cried farewell to the pigs.
As far as could be judged of a man sheathed in armour, the new adventurer did not greatly exceed the middle size, and seemed to be rather slender than strongly made.
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