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Soviet-style posters of happy storm troopers and peasant girls fondling potent sheaves fade and curl in the hot wind.
Before being bamboozled by the sheaves of glossy brochures, make sure that managed funds are the most suitable investment vehicle for you.
Finally the sheaves were beaten in a machine, in a process termed scutching.
Roark wearily turned through sheaves of line drawings and pencil sketches spread on the table in front of them.
Appropriate exit sheaves, swivel exits for topping lifts and spinnaker halyard blocks are provided.
Experience the sight and sound of the traditional threshing mill with Charlie Bourke, and friends, as they separate the grain from the sheaves.
They bend over in the small barley fields, terraced out of the mountainsides, cutting the sheaves with sickle moon scythes.
The wheat sheaves are being stooked to keep them dry until they are stacked.
According to Plutarch, Archimedes used a polypaston, or block and tackle, with a large number of sheaves.
As she seems easily fooled, why not send yourself sheaves of valentines and other billets-doux?
I was harvested with sickles, tied in sheaves and buried in the bog-holes until such time as the skin peeled off easily.
Schythes were swung, sheaves were tied and built into stooks in an overflowing gesture of co-operation and goodwill.
They bring sheaves of reeds exceeding their own height, balanced like the cross-stroke of a majuscular T on their heads.
Gustavian looking glasses were symmetrical, with decoration such as beading, rose swags, laurel leaf borders, palmettes, sheaves, and rope-tied crests.
He also intends to invest in a comber to strip away unwanted leaves and a trailer so he can take sheaves to customers as far afield as Ireland and France.
Villages appear more frequently, and with them sheaves of corn hanging from verandas, chillies drying in the sun and small kiosks selling random goods.
When Queen Hatsheput moved her court to Punt, an artist of the time did a wall painting which still exists, showing royal attendants carrying sheaves of herbs.
First, the sheaves at the masthead truck will need to be replaced because they're wire-sized and the new rope halyard will have a larger diameter.
Check on the cables, sheaves and adapters for wear or damage.
Ensiling of sheaves cut by a corn binder was formerly common in some regions but has become uncommon.
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Examples from Classical Literature
All blocks are single, double, or three-fold, according to the number of sheaves in them.
Some bore ale and beer, and some bundles of bowstrings or sheaves of arrows.
One man did the cradling and another the gathering and the binding into sheaves.
The fields were dotted with sheaves of grain, and the farmers were hastening to gather them in.
Their weeping seed-sowing was followed by rejoicing, bringing their sheaves with them.
Black-game are as keen as red grouse on oats, and a few sheaves thrown about always attracts them.
From for'ard came the jerking rattle of headsail halyards through the sheaves.
This kind of machinery, revolving with three sheaves, is called a trispast.
Spring had vanished and the sheaves were ripening in the fields.
The women reaped the Corn, and the men bound up the sheaves.
August brings the sheaves of corn, Then the harvest home is borne.
He found a cornfield with a half-built stack, and sheaves in stook.
When the retting is complete, the flax is set up in sheaves to dry.
While they uncovered the sheaves he stood apathetic beside his portable repository of force, round whose hot blackness the morning air quivered.
She is seated on sheaves of wheat and crowned with a gallant garland of wheat ears interlaced with salsify and other flowers.
We must study it as a whole, gleaning rich and varied sheaves as we go.
Those thews ran not through base blocks of land wood, but deftly travelled over sheaves of sea-ivory.
They were stationary, and it was necessary to bring the sheaves to them.
Then he was put in a box stall and given three sheaves of oats.
The blocks used have each three rows of sheaves side by side.
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