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Other common minor constituents of eclogite include kyanite, orthopyroxene, rutile, amphibole, pyrite, and white mica.
Ye et al. recently reported abundant exsolutions of clinopyroxene, rutile and apatite in garnet of a Yangkou eclogite sample.
Small, black, tetragonal anatase crystals associated with rutile were found on microcline by Kile.
Small acicular rutile crystals are found in cavities in various quarries in the Carrara, Tuscany district, Italy.
This was a rather surprising finding given that rutile ages commonly tend to post-date the time of metamorphism.
A heavy mineral concentrate, dominated by rutile and kyanite, yielded only a few zircons.
Interesting specimens of rutile with bixbyite in rhyolite are reported from the vicinity of Marysvale, Utah.
He also found particles of gemstones such as corundum, garnet, rutile, and argentite.
Figure 10.0 shows the composition of ilmenite, mineral rutile, beneficiated ores and other, non-commercial ores.
Moderately well developed black rutile crystals weighing up to about 0.5 kilograms are reported from the Kimberley area and at Coodardy, Western Australia.
The greenschist-facies overprint resulted in the growth of actinolitic amphiboles, plagioclase and titanite at the expense of pyroxene and rutile or ilmenite.
Brookite is best known from alpine-cleft-type occurrences, where it is round with anatase, rutile, titanite, quartz, adularia, albite, hematite, calcite, and chlorite.
Beach placer deposits of India essentially consist of ilmenite, rutile, garnet, zircon, monazite, sillimanite and quartz.
Haematite, tourmaline, zircon, rutile, ilmenite, sillimanite, geothite, and chlorite were also observed in Fe-Mn concretions.
Glass can also be coated with rutile to give pigments that iridesce with a blue, green, yellow or silvery sheen.
In case low concentration of rutile phase is added to anatase phase, photocatalytic properties of titania increase.
Titanium dioxide is mined from either the natural ores of ilmenite and leucoxene or rutile beach sand.
It can be classified into anatase, rutile and brokite, of which only anatase and rutile are commercially important.
Titanium dioxide has three crystalline forms including anatase, rutile and brookite.
Sierra Leone has one of the world's largest deposits of rutile, a titanium ore used as paint pigment and welding rod coatings.
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Titanic acid occurs in nature crystallized in anatase, arkansite, brookite, and rutile.
Minute crystals of brookite have been detected with anatase and rutile in the iron-ore of Cleveland in Yorkshire.
Brookite occurs only as crystals, never in compact masses, and is usually associated with either anatase or rutile.
Its most common ore is rutile, which resembles silica in many respects.
Rutile and ilmenite both have high specific gravity and are little affected by weathering.
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