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Several U.S. officers were court-martialed for their ruthlessness during this final campaign.
In the late 1960s comprehensive education had been imposed on local authorities by Labour with all the ruthlessness of a ukase.
If ruthlessness is allowed to triumph on the island, it will spawn imitations elsewhere.
It is this wastefulness, or lack of ruthlessness that will cost England matches.
Schily displayed remarkable vehemence and ruthlessness in his disregard for constitutional ground rules previously considered inviolable.
Anyone who offered any resistance was brutally dealt with, and his son would soon show the same ruthlessness.
It is a performance of restrained frustration and quiet despair, coupled with the type of calculated ruthlessness befitting a killer.
I don't have the killer instinct or that degree of ruthlessness which you need to succeed on your own.
Despite his mystical belief in his luck, despite his arrogance and ruthlessness, Sulla never aimed at permanent tyranny.
There is a chilling ruthlessness to the alleged strategy, matched by the style of its apparent execution.
Their comeback might even be viewed as a sign that the Govan men are not entirely devoid of ruthlessness.
Those who excel in this struggle distinguish themselves through nothing more exotic than boundless cunning and ruthlessness.
He fought the Indian wars with a ruthlessness that bordered on the maniacal.
His willingness to meld the ruthlessness of a Hollywood mogul with the power of the Internet is unique.
With her strong sense of duty, she was never able to have the ruthlessness a writer needs.
It is a worthwhile reminder of the sheer breathtaking ruthlessness of many of their acts.
As Phil the agent, he made the unlikely combination of ruthlessness and affability seem plausible.
She built a reputation for ruthlessness in her determination to get the very best deal for her pension fund clients.
He saw in her a calculated ruthlessness that the clan had previously been lacking.
The movie understands, therefore, the egocentrism that powers the desire to write and the ruthlessness required to see it through.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It is more subtle in its operation but of the same order of ruthlessness as the ravages of a carnivore.
The conquistador's bones repose in the land which, with so much intrepidity and ruthlessness, he won for Spain.
They promote their brand of degreed ignorance with religious zeal and punish all transgressors with fierceness and ruthlessness.
Treitschke is the prophet of tribalism, Nietzsche of ruthlessness, Bernhardi of ambition.
Only four of the 10 Vikings tries were converted but overall Betts was delighted with his team's ruthlessness.
Here are 10 facts about the terror group, which has gained much notoriety for its ruthlessness.
Peter's character James was memorable for his ruthlessness and huge muttonchop sideburns.
He was the incarnate suspicion, the incarnate anger, the incarnate ruthlessness of a political and social regime on its defence.
Despite his near-addiction to big deals, and the ruthlessness with which he so often carries them out, Hindery is not your typical robber baron.
Therefore it must have been his bodily appearance, exhibiting a virility of nature as exaggerated as his beard, and resembling a sort of constant ruthlessness.
Everywhere they encountered only further evidence of the ruthlessness of the cruel enemy that had come during the Great Bwana's absence and laid waste his property.
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