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The poem satirizes merrily enough, being windy and rhapsodic, prostrate and profligate, swoony and bitter, and attacks various people.
Britain, along with Italy, France and Germany, comes in the middle of the tipping league, neither profligate nor parsimonious.
Rathbone therefore found herself cast in the role of the profligate American, heedless of the future and neglectful of the past.
You might think the opposition would savage such a profligate waste of taxpayers' money.
Should not those on the same income who can live more frugally pay less tax than the profligate?
Global warming and its consequences are almost certainly the result of our profligate fossil-fuel consumption, and it is already happening.
Korea, he says, must tackle the environmental crisis brought on by its profligate consumption of fossil fuels.
However, they are also getting cheap household and other labor, plus an excuse to avoid cutting back on profligate consumption and waste.
In Northern Europe, they'll deny you a discharge if they think you ran up the original debt in a profligate or immoral fashion.
Manifestly, America's bubble economy of the late 1990s had its center in the most profligate consumer borrowing and spending binge in history.
Some of these disasters, such as climate change, are the direct result of our profligate use of cheap energy.
The combined loss of possession and position is profligate to the point of wasteful.
The small family firms and municipal bus companies were inefficient and badly run and drivers were overpaid by profligate local councils.
This is what happens when you combine profligate spending with a complete lack of interest in balancing your checkbook.
The mayor also promises less services, and chides everyone for all our profligate ways in the past ten years.
A sadly appropriate analogy would be the profligate and highly overindebted consumer who has finally reached the end of his rope.
Irvine and Rita cleverly cashed in on Glaswegians' profligate delight in dressing up and swanking it up.
The law, while it assumes the guardianship of youth by suppressing immorality, still permits these wantons to rove, uncontrolled, among the virtuous as well as the profligate.
The painter's orphic sleight of hand was abetted by arcane titles that conjure profligate aristocrats, sexual libertines, adepts of the dark arts and drugged esthetes.
The profligate US government, it was said, could not finance its deficits from the meager savings of its people, thereby necessitating borrowing from abroad.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He was a profligate Roman, who had been guilty of malversation in office and hoped by his new alliance to return to power.
Vicious and profligate, drunken and unchaste, as a class, they certainly were not.
He became profligate, got drunk at alehouses, sold his master's property to get money, or stole it out of the cashbox.
The man who was not a sinecurist or a peculator was pretty sure to be a profligate or a gambler.
The circulation of Fleet paper was generally intrusted to profligate women, who cohabited with the men who made them.
It might have been difficult to contrive it, but I think I should have been a very profligate begum.
But we have some of it left, and we profligate rulers, as the workers call us, cherish it.
The profligate degeneracy of the Druids, however, tended to bring this also into disesteem.
That is their shield and buckler, their defence against the attacks of the profligate.
He felt it impossible that she should love a profligate or a blockhead, and he knew Lord spoonbill to be both.
The imagination of a profligate cannot be other than depraved.
It is true of cynical, profligate, and concupiscent art as well.
Wharton was philosophically, politically, and fashionably profligate.
Thus a profligate man could victimize 103 a confiding girl with impunity.
Why, a profligate couldn't spend ten dollars a week here, if he tried.
He was reputed to be the paid lover of an exiled and profligate queen.
The brilliant but profligate Buckingham is retained as prime minister.
For that of a Prince as unwise as he is profligate, and as likely to be an ungrateful master as he has already proved a rebellious son and an unnatural brother.
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