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The English and the nascent Indian confederacies realized that cooperation would best serve their respective interests.
In addition, larger numbers of repeats provide more opportunities for misalignment during the reannealing of the nascent strand.
Yet far from welcoming an effort to provide Europe with a nascent expeditionary capability, he may misgive it.
These made nascent officers less susceptible to blandishments from civilian projects.
The nascent party's ideology emphasized pan-Arabism, nationalism, and a form of socialism.
As teenagers though, the beach suddenly and wonderfully enlarges, like the first blinding moments of the nascent universe.
And there are signs of nascent political and economic reforms, albeit small, tentative ones.
This nascent bleach can also react with primary or secondary amines to form longer lasting, antimicrobial chloramines.
And it couldn't have come at a better time, when performance is showing nascent signs of turning a corner.
This strategy is based on the attachment of some cytidine nucleotides to nascent cDNA first strands by reverse transcriptase.
Of more general interest, perhaps, is his account of the nascent viticulture of the poorer peasants on the cleared hillsides.
I see nascent answers in organizations like Friends of the Don and Friends of the Humber.
In 3 months, the ISF transitioned from an underequipped, nascent organization to a better equipped, more disciplined force.
She is uniquely positioned to sort fact from fiction in this nascent field.
Despite a nascent generation of better-made products, the company suffers from a weak brand image outside Italy.
It is very disheartening to read all these admonitions to this nascent antiwar movement saying that the participants are somehow being unserious.
It seems probable that the lipids would form a bilayerlike assembly in the nascent lipid pocket.
With a little push, these plants could serve as hubs for a nascent hydrogen-distribution network.
The nitriding process is based on the affinity of nascent nitrogen for iron and certain other. metallic elements.
It is also the site of folding and modification of nascent protein chains and assembly of multisubunit complexes.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The mystery indeed in which her nascent love had wrapped him had dropped away.
And it is his own hand which has done most to break the nascent slowly-forming tie.
As the thing is not a nascent passion for Bothwell, it may be an amour with Riccio.
The rooms wherein dozens of infants had wailed at their nursing now resounded with the tapping of nascent chicks.
Had his nascent desire for Dede been less, he might well have been frightened out of all thought of her.
All his nascent intellectual powers were alive and clamorous.
Freneau succeeded admirably in voicing the opinions of the nascent party.
The Vending machine market in India is still at a nascent stage and is expected to witness dynamic growth in the near future.
And out of all the rack and ruin rose the form of the nascent Oligarchy, imperturbable, indifferent, and sure.
Something in the nascent sophistication of Schley displeased Stover.
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