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Sentence Examples
Martin's mother-in-law had one of those professional telephone voices, all nasally tones and clipped sentences.
The patient may be sitting or supine, and the instrument can be introduced either orally or nasally.
I always found her to be nasally and pitchy, but I'm not a big fan of the country twang to begin with.
He's geeky to a fault, quirky, talks in a mumbling, nasally fashion, and he's generally just crazy.
Peabody's accent was high and aloof, crisp on the vowels and nasally through the consonants.
Indeed, it's that track which kick-starts the album in such compulsive fashion, unfolding in a headspinning whirlwind of fuzzy guitars and nasally vocals.
Thirty minutes before the phone call, I watched YouTube clips to prepare my nasally accent.
We believe that this technology will be useful against a wide variety of diseases, and will enable a new generation of vaccines to be administered orally and nasally.
The first uses nasally administered insulin, and the second, a vaccine of an insulin peptide.
As with other nasally inhaled corticosteroids, nasal septum perforations have been reported in rare instances.
Like any other nasally administered corticosteroid, acute overdosing is unlikely in view of the total amount of active ingredient present.
Several groups reported early work on vaccines delivered nasally, for example against pneumococcus.
The Waiãpi people of French Guiana have a side-blown flute that is played nasally, although nose flutes are otherwise rare in the Americas.
My only option was to tell the off-site building manager, a nasally guy named Russell Sepulveda.
Five normal, healthy subjects used the device to administer technetium Tc 99m nasally.
But biotech research and development can do its part in the developing world by producing vaccines that don't require refrigeration and are nasally or orally delivered.
It was nasally the most impressive production of the year, too, wafting the scent of petrol and singed flesh across the stalls at several critical moments.
Background: Effective surgical treatment of complete unrecovered sixth nerve palsy must include the transfer of abducting power to the temporal aspect of the globe with release of medial rectus contracture nasally.
The loud, nasally voice from behind the door attracted my attention.
Due to availability of equipment, a nasendoscope inserted nasally was used at one institution and a gastroscope inserted orally was used at the other.
Examples from Classical Literature
It was sung harshly, nasally, and dragged out in long, slow notes.
And you can't blame it all on that nasally Essex singer who fronts the seasonal Iceland ads.
But,' added he nasally, 'in this world we must give and take.
Yours truly, fitting snugly into the above category, went along to Rhyl's Pavilion Theatre to join in the nasally inflected, Brummie love-in but left slightly unfulfilled.
What's worse, prisoners there are taken from their cells twice daily and restrained in feeding chairs as a tube is inserted nasally into their stomachs.
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