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Mama can be as cold as ice when she wants to be, and this is obviously one of those times.
He gathered her against him, felt that she was as cold as ice as well, and held on to her tightly.
Here we will activate your sympathetic nervous system using a famous model pain stimulus: dunking your hand in ice water.
She was unfriendly and as cold as ice when I tried to talk to her earlier.
He was as cold as ice as he lay in his bed during his final moments.
After boiling the broccoli, submerge it in ice water to stop the cooking process.
A large chunk of ice split off from the iceberg and crashed into the water.
The end of the last glacial period was about 11,700 years ago, while the end of the last ice age has not yet come.
The Alps were where the first systematic scientific research on ice ages was conducted by Louis Agassiz at the beginning of the 19th century.
Thus, the end of the last glacial period is not the end of the last ice age.
The material carried by the ice stream was then deposited in the North Sea fan.
The Wisconsin Glacial Episode was the last major advance of continental glaciers in the North American Laurentide ice sheet.
Other areas of the Northern Hemisphere did not bear extensive ice sheets, but local glaciers in high areas.
The last glaciation centered on the huge ice sheets of North America and Eurasia.
The Quaternary glaciation was the first ice age to be demonstrated in geology, and proved that these were possible.
The ice cap of Kilimanjaro is shrinking, and some researchers believe it will disappear within the next one hundred years.
The ice sheets themselves, by raising the albedo, effect a major feedback on climate cooling.
Sea levels had dropped coincident with the ice age, but slowly recovered over the course of the Silurian and Devonian.
Their age and distribution can be largely related to the rise and fall of sea levels during past ice ages.
The ocean beneath the arctic ice cap hosts many unique organisms adapted to the cold and shortage of light.
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