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Ice is building on the trees along my way, worse the farther north I drive.
The culmination of the cooling trend was the Pleistocene epoch, or Great Ice Age, of the last 1.8 million years.
It therefore contains, trapped in its ice, almost as much water as there is in that sea.
The village has two new luxury hotels, an ice rink, shops, juice bar and an ice creamery.
This exquisite piece is no simple rendition of the chunky horses of the Ice Age European steppes.
Until the end of the Ice Age, 13,000 years ago, Tasmania was connected to the mainland by a land bridge.
It may well be that the activity we see today is just a fraction of the intense seepage occurring during the Ice Age.
My guess is that our Palaeolithic ancestors 20,000 years ago in the depths of the Ice Age were counting things.
Experts say it is one of the few cases where evidence shows men either killing or butchering animals on a site from the Ice Age period.
It was a very quick rate of change between the Ice Age and the warmer period.
We received an email claiming that having an ICE entry in your phone book could expose your mobile to a downloadable virus.
Add an entry in your mobile phone's contacts for ICE with name and contact info.
If you've been in an accident, one of the first places paramedics will check for a next-of-kin ICE contact is your mobile phone.
Ice plants are also known as Hottentot figs, which amuses me greatly for no particular reason.
Ice creams with inclusions such as mint chocolate chip and chocolate-chip cookie dough have become mainstream favorites across all age groups.
Ice inhaled sharply craning her neck to see if any more were stupid enough to come out.
She also said that ICE would take between 20 percent and 25 percent from the fund for operational costs.
Ice crystals start forming on the frog's skin and quickly work their way inside.
The rapper Ice Cube takes a star turn as Calvin, the proprietor of the eponymous barbershop.
Basically, the gwyniad was left behind when the Ice Age ended and has been lake-locked at Bala ever since.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I'd the boyish idea that it 'ld be int'restin' t' build a house on the ice.
If you penetrate the warm, sugared, outer crust, you find ice within.
The winter was extremely severe, and the ship, with many others, was detained by the ice in and about Chesapeake Bay for nearly three months.
You ARE IN AN ICE PACK traveling full speed ahead and you are not listening to me down here.
Tobogganing But then it was back out into the chill again to enjoy the other ice activities on offer, including ice fishing, tandem skiing and tobogganing.
Ice cream coatings need to be crisp when frozen but soft at room temperature, congealing faster and melting pleasantly in the mouth.
Carvel Ice Cream is introducing Sundae Dashers, a new line of sundaes packaged in clear, portable cups.
In his bad-bwoy, NWA hey-day the merest hint of Ice Cube looking a bit peeved would have been enough to put the fear of god into most people.
Other notable projects include two more Alien movies, the Ghostbusters films, Copycat, Galaxy Quest, The Ice Storm and Heartbreakers.
A LEADING weather scientist has claimed Europe could be just five years away from the start of a new Ice Age.
The findings appear to cement the link between the recent Ice Ages and temperature changes in tropical oceans.
Ice packs or a bag of frozen peas, wrapped in a towel, should be applied for up to 15 minutes two or three times per day.
He then added some glam on Footballers' Wives before playing DS Will Fetcher in The Bill for five years and sizzled in 2010 on Dancing on Ice, in which he finished runner-up.
As when two Polar Winds blowing adverse Upon the CRONIAN Sea, together drive Mountains of Ice, that stop th' imagin'd way Beyond PETSORA Eastward, to the rich CATHAIAN Coast.
Others include Ross Great Ice Barrier, which captures one of Antarctica's geographical features, as well as pieces on Azore and Maori architecture.
The Ice Boat, Quebec City t1858-18601, by Samuel McLaughlin.
Over the last few years, Pauline has been working across the region organising and delivering the ICE Bridge Project so that young people can learn about civil engineering.
Fossils found high in the Himalayan foothills show Tibet may have been a cold testing ground where big mammals developed their cold-climate cool well before the Ice Age began.
The combination of Marble Slab Creamery and MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treatery as one concept with a new store design under the Marble Slab Creamery name is underway.
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