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How to use heaps in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word heaps? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
This includes cottage crafts, intarsia woodwork, beautiful lampshades, jewellery, embroidery, candlewicking and heaps more.
He has gathered some not-so-cute dust bunnies along with his heaps of laundry, circus-themed objects, geek trinkets, and action figures.
The clothing and bedding of plague victims are particularly dangerous, as are wooden buildings, earthen floors, rubbish heaps, and dunghills.
There were heaps of dishrags in the kitchen so I grabbed one and scrubbed away at my pants.
Compost heaps, log piles, rockeries, garden ponds and long grass patches provide cover and food for visiting grass snakes and slow-worms.
The debt load it heaps upon our already sated budgets will have to be monetized.
Somehow my eyes caught sight of the heaps of dust lying in the corners of the room.
Most insurers, plcs and mutuals alike, are sitting on large heaps known as orphan assets or free estates.
He heaps too much responsibility on his actors and thus strains the abilities of his two leads.
She had heaps more blingy brooches pinned to the vest, and marvellous diamante hoop earrings.
French metal detectorists helped by scanning spoil heaps and areas to be excavated.
He caught sight of a slop-shop where old clothes smothered the entrance with their mucid heaps.
Farmers poured milk onto muck heaps yesterday at the beginning of a three-day protest at low food prices.
At many high-class networking events, you may find yourself surrounded by heaps of sandwiches, salad or sizzling snacks.
Making their way through the fruit skins and the heaps of garbage they start out towards the bus stand.
They were drinking heaps and having fun being Liberals under a Liberal Government.
During the years of the gold rush in Australia the Chinese were well known for industriously working their way through the mullock heaps.
They rushed up and down the slag heaps at Capper and messed about on motorcycles on the dirt tracks.
He came from Pontefract and said there was a similar problem there with houses around slag heaps.
It's a remarkable turnaround for what was little more than a gathering of slag heaps.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He got mixed up with Joshua, and the cactus and none-so-pretty and heaps of white flowers.
The main street itself was in many parts filled completely, and around the naumachia Augusta great heaps were piled up.
The heaps are moistened with ferric chloride solution, and the reaction is maintained by the liquid percolating through the heap.
The ferrous chloride formed at the same time is converted into ferric chloride which can be used to moisten the heaps.
The process is effected either in heaps, stalls, shaft furnaces, reverberatory furnaces or muffle furnaces.
Moreover the pavement was up, and heaps of stone and gravel obstructed the footway.
Where were the familiar poppet heads, the heaps of mullock, and the diligently fossicked alluvial?
They can be traced by cullet heaps and broken-down furnaces, and by their names, often mutilated, recorded in parish registers.
There were great heaps of shells by the sea where we came and dried fish and feasted.
Of course it did not do any good, and he knew that, but he considered it was heaps of satisfaction.
When you let him in he curls into heaps of joy, and fairly stands on his head sometimes.
Long lines of white tents overtop the heaps of pipeclay, which grow higher from day to day.
On the low mounds, that looked like heaps of sifted ashes, struggled now and then into sickliness a ragged, twisted shrub.
Those Sakkara pyramids lack the majesty of the Pyramids, and one looks at the amorphous heaps in an oppressed silence.
The bladder wrack, and others of the same kind, are torn up by the fierce waves in a storm, and tossed on the beach in heaps.
Before the men could drop them and unsling their rifles they were heaps of corpses.
Then before the walls of Ilion there was fiercer strife, and the bodies of the slain lay in heaps upon the battle plain.
Then did they uncase their flagons by heaps and dozens, and with their leaguer-provision made excellent good cheer.
She rivals the succory in beautifying arid dust heaps and barren railroad cuts, with her tender opalescent pink tints.
Protect them from the air and frost, by laying in heaps in a dry place, covering them with MATS, or burying them in dry sand.
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