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How to use heap in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word heap? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Soon, there was a heap of weapons, whose blades shimmered and rippled with green and grey reflections of thin light.
It gets old very quickly seeing person after person heap buttery praise on everyone and everything associated with the production.
There, a heap of garlicky tiger prawns, flash-fried Chinese cabbage and a bottle of San Miguel made one of the best meals I had in Hong Kong.
Juapong has a heap of gray baft stacked in its ware house with no hope of buyers.
Is he some crackpot pseudo-scientist consigned to the scrap heap of history?
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman was lying in a tangled heap several feet below the stage of Sydney's Metro Theatre.
This machine arrived as a heap of tangled metal and over a five-year period was transformed into a fine example of authentic restoration.
Spread a mulch of wood chips, cocoa bean hulls, or the like around the plant, taking care not to heap the material around the rose's trunk.
He dumped the last armload of driftwood on the heap and regarded it with a proprietary air.
As it was, I bought a few things for myself, and a whole heap of Christmas presents.
There's a whole heap of side effects with that, so it's hard to know which part was making me sicker, whether it was the disease or the drug.
He must have taken a bit of a running jump at it though, because he travelled about half an inch before capitulating in a salty heap.
That's a heap of trapline to check, and we're aiming for 18 checks a year, which is pretty heavy going.
But it'll also be a huge learning curve, an incredible thrill and, every once in a while, a whole heap of fun.
There pile it in a heap, and the King shall be so well-pleased that he will make you Lord Treasurer.
I could list off a whole heap of things that are sitting in my room that I couldn't stand to see get broken, wrecked, destroyed or misplaced.
He gathered the paper scattered across the desk into a pile, and added it to the heap on the floor, frowning deeply.
The only one currently in operation is NASA's Space Shuttle, an expensive old bird, and set for the scrap heap in just six years.
A tiny heap of finely shredded zest will be placed on top of cooked vegetables or fish, or mixed with miso to make a condiment.
The retro releases have resurrected the original college colors plus a whole heap of collaborations have kept the integrity intact.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The Sanscrit possesses the radical of kuta, and that is kuda, to heap up, but the Irish does not possess the radical of codadh.
One heap bore the form of a cross, and was probably the sepulchre of a wrecker.
I went down it with a swoop, landed in a heap beside the kiosk and ducked into it.
Poor nabla, in amazement, sat looking at the big heap of silk and the golden wheel.
Then I felt the same way, so we took it off one night and slept a heap better on the mattrass.
What a heap of money one would give to possess his private, unexpurgated journal!
When I pick up my marbles I look around for either an Elysium field or a slag heap but instead a creep is staring down at me.
There was a great heap of debris on the floor, and this the boys attacked with a vim.
The numismatist may have observed only a bracelet with a rare coin in a heap of stolen valuables.
After passing through the sour the goods are piled in a heap on the stillage for a few hours.
I could 'a' stood the throw-down, but to be throwed down in a heap with eggs an' dirty clo'es, was too much.
After leaving the Captains, he found Lewis at a trente et quarante table, with a heap of thousand franc chips in front of him.
And poor Martin dug from year-end to year-end, in the weary hope of some day lighting on a great heap of wealth.
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