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How to use give off in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "give off"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The steam travels through pipes to radiators or convectors, which give off heat and warm the room.
I can't help it, every time I get approached now I'm really off-key and give off the impression that I'm stush or something.
Mossies and midges are attracted to the carbon dioxide and various cetyl alcohols you give off especially from your toes.
Both extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs give off most of their energy in the infrared region of the spectrum.
More distressingly the chemotherapy made her give off a particularly unpleasant odour.
I twirled it between my index finger and thumb, watching the jewel give off bright rays when it passed a specific angle.
These additional branches then give off really satisfying gouts of white smoke as the greenery boils and burns.
I could see the radio waves, microwaves, gamma rays, and other optical and non-optical radiation that black holes naturally give off.
American units look for enemy command posts with sensitive systems that can detect radio transmissions and other signatures that TOCs give off.
River otters have paired scent glands at the base of their tail which give off a heavy, musky smell.
And on a summer day, the seaside pines give off a scent as intoxicating as a carafe of ouzo.
Rats and mice give off a strong ammonia smell and are often noisy making scrabbing noises when they are present.
His Tiny Tots dahlias are unique in that they give off a pleasant scent, something dahlias just don't do.
As particles travel through an accelerator, they give off a form of radiation known as synchrotron radiation.
The flowers and the leaves give off a strong aromatic vapour which can be ignited, hence the names gas plant and burning bush.
These give off the feel of man and earth as a lesson for the anguished lyric poet.
Ovenbirds give off a unique musty odor that is thought to come from the oil in the uropygial gland.
Substances such as egg whites or gelatin are added to remove astringent substances or proteins which can cloud the wine and give off flavours.
Construction materials known to give off emissions should be covered with a sealant.
We believe, however, that the ways in which Parliament's resolution is worded give off mixed and sometimes conflicting signals.
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Remember that fallout particles can be seen, but the rays they give off cannot be seen.
The luminescent secretion of Cypridina hilgendorfii will still give off much light if hydrogen containing only 0.4 per cent.
If one brings the previously heated organ in contact with the unheated triturated organ it will again give off light.
Immediately the gasses in the plastic tents began to glow and give off both light and heat.
An instrument called a calorimeter is used to determine the amount of heat a substance will give off upon oxidation.
When the bait begins to give off a gamy scent, the mothers come.
The berries allow for a burst of refreshing fruity aromas while the incense and vanilla give off a musky, relaxing vibe.
A bronze deer freezes mid-leap out front, and rainy twilit parking lines give off geometric glow.
Massive structures of dark stone are lit by four vigil lights that give off fewer lumens than an elderly glowworm with a busted rheostat.
And it seems that plants are able to distinguish which insects are nibbling on their leaves and give off the proper distress signal to attract that insect's natural enemy.
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