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Some patients are hypersensitive to quinine and even small doses may give rise to cinchonism.
This can give rise to substantial queries over the independence and impartiality of the judiciary.
Sentences containing multiple quantifiers are known to give rise to several interpretations.
This in turn will give rise to a better balance of payments and in turn to stronger economic growth.
Infections with bacteria or viruses can give rise to an acute inflammation of a joint.
It has been known for some time that smoking can give rise to acrylamide in human red cells that forms adducts with haemoglobin.
The purified stem cells normally give rise to cells that mature into red blood cells and white blood cells.
It's funny how a chance encounter, a few words of enthusiasm, and the afterglow of a successful trip can give rise to unrestrained optimism.
This is not meant to suggest that mortgages over realty are unimportant, or do not give rise to legal problems.
The death of any kinsman or woman from any cause might give rise to the hope of their spirit being reincarnated.
A very narrow margin might in the future give rise to tension, bitterness, or worse.
What they did develop was an algorithmic approach to solving problems which, in our terminology, would give rise to a quadratic equation.
Under the doctrine of breach of statutory duty some regulatory codes may give rise to civil liability when breached.
This will give rise to increased tenant demand and rising rents in office, retail and residential properties.
The discrepancy is most obvious with regards to the dorsal head regions, which give rise to the lateral and median ocelli.
Tax amnesties inevitably give rise to resentment on the part of most law-abiding citizens.
These methods give rise to well resolved spectra of the protein but do not provide information about noncovalent lipid binding interactions.
Stalk lengths shredded in the transverse direction of the leafstalk do not give rise to any problems and need not be removed.
The fact that a matter might or might not give rise to a claim under federal jurisdiction does not constitute it as a claim.
The thoracic aorta may give rise to a renal artery, which descends through the aortic hiatus.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The plates themselves remain as the muscle-plates, and give rise to the whole of the voluntary muscular system of the body.
It has already been stated that the lateral walls of the archenteron in the tail give rise to muscular cells.
Irritant poisons give rise to pain in the stomach and bowels, faintness and sickness, and purging with tenesmus.
This would naturally give rise to a tradition, or would lead the people to revive some familiar tradition and localize it.
Some little girls grasp a pillow between their legs in such a way as to give rise to a masturbatory stimulus.
A mixture of the melanistic with the albinistic type will of course give rise to parti-coloured cats.
The parthenogenetic eggs, as in other Cladocera, develop directly, but the resting eggs give rise to larv of the nauplius type.
These non-luminous mutants occasionally give rise to atavistic brilliantly luminous forms.
They are almost entirely confined to the posterior part of the area pellucida, and give rise to the opacity of that part.
The notochord has become invested by a condensed mesoblastic tissue, which will give rise to the vertebral column.
At the same time beneath the perichondrium osteoblasts are developed which also begin to give rise to spongy bone.
The recombination of ions which do not possess considerable amounts of energy does not seem to give rise to luminosity.
On the crab being devoured by the right species of cephalopod, the merozoites doubtless give rise to the sexual generation again.
When limonite is dehydrated and deoxidized in the presence of carbonic acid, it may give rise to chalybite.
He knew that there was danger in any course that could give rise to the suspicion of cohabitation.
These examples will indicate the great variety of substances which may give rise to concretionary structures.
Malarious fevers, from their congestive tendency, give rise to the more acute forms of gastro-enteric inflammation.
For this reason, crepe rubber with coloured spots may give rise to trouble in the factory.
They give rise to a malady known as sand-fly fever, which is like influenza and drains the body of all vitality for many days.
Some marine algae which secrete carbonate of lime not only encrust rocks but give rise to sheets of submarine limestone.
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