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Regardless of the location of its genesis, this queso puts all other psuedo-Mexican, microwaveable cheese dips to shame.
Having been backed with government finance since its genesis two years ago funding has been secured for the next two years.
Each article is prefaced by an autobiographical account of its genesis and by other retrospective thoughts.
Ultimately, this romance becomes a narrative strategy for ruminating on creation and offering an alternate genesis myth.
After all, the first letter of the alphabet you are now reading had its genesis as a symbolic representation of an ox.
She thought the genesis of the secrecy culture, the Official Secrets Act, should be repealed, and regretted the failure of the bill to do that.
The well-spoken artist gives a great explanation about the genesis of house music.
A recent essay by Gustavo Gutierrez describes the genesis and ongoing challenges of liberation theology in Latin America and identifies areas of change and transformation.
There is a memorable letter of 1910 in which he justifies his total absorption in composition, and gives a unique account of the genesis of two of his works.
In defining fascism, it is useful to recall the movement's genesis.
It is preceded by a foreword Cramer later wrote about the genesis of piece.
Even in the 1930s at the genesis of his long relationship with Vogue, the sheer drama of his work obliterated the competition.
In the depiction of two seated balafon players, features of twinning and androgyny historically have been seen to be important Dogon genesis motifs.
The quadrilateral had its genesis in an 1870 essay by the American Episcopal priest William Reed Huntington.
Ore deposits are classified according to various criteria developed via the study of economic geology, or ore genesis.
It included a lengthy new preface by the author, presenting a somewhat embellished version of the genesis of the story.
The availability of ultraclean electricity is at the genesis of the path to the very high availability levels that are now mandatory.
The book also contained a section of notes throwing light on the context and genesis of each poem.
They begin with early mercantilists as a lead up to Adam Smith, where they place the genesis of economic thought.
Cerebellum from terms of embryonic formation and genesis has metencephalon origin.
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The genesis of Raspberry Plain, just north of springwood, has already been given.
Constipation is usually invoked as a cardinal factor in the genesis of typhlitis.
To the methodologist of science in genesis it appeared altogether to fail to satisfy any practical interest.
What is the essential truth of the early chapters of genesis, and what its glory?
All genesis or becoming supposes a permanent and uncaused Being, adequate to the production of all phenomena.
Let us look at the opening chapters of genesis for illustration.
The glory of the genesis story lies in its wonderful power to grow.
An electron microscopical study on the genesis of lipofuscin, melanin and haemosiderin in the haemopoitic tissues of fish.
While mil-based reticles first took hold here in the USA following the USMC's adoption of the mil dot system, this was not the genesis of mil reticles in rifle scopes.
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