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Most of these studies have focused mainly on targeting genes in the aerial parts of the plant.
Only full-length genomic and cDNA clones, including genes with in-frame stop codons, were analyzed.
This may allow non-breeding animals to pass along the genes they share with their kin by helping in the rearing of young.
For example, huge databases have been established of genes that are aberrantly regulated in cancers.
The donor and recipient chromosomes could be distinguished by the genetic markers that flanked the white genes.
These abnormalities are caused by defects in the genes that tell the cells how to make collagen.
The deletion affected gene yajF with unknown function, but associated with genes involved in phage resistance through abortive infection.
Only the quadruple mutant lacking all four genes exhibits a complete loss of floral organ identity.
Because of their possibly unusual evolution, genes coding for ribosomal proteins were excluded from the analysis.
The study of Garey et al., which used two genes and B. plicatilis, yielded a tree in which acanthocephalans cluster as modified bdelloids.
Our acarologists use the tools of molecular biology to characterize genes associated with the secretion of tick salivary gland proteins.
Population genetic investigation of accessory gland protein genes has previously focused on D. melanogaster and D. simulans.
Transferred genes are subject to those mutational processes affecting the recipient genome.
But sometimes the genes do not work as well as they should, so the toxins slowly accumulate in your body.
Regions where no obvious candidate genes were found are indicated by a question mark.
When the mice were born, they carried the jellyfish gene in their own genes.
Natural selection did not stop operating on brain genes once humanity developed into distinct races.
We'll be able to take a few little genes in a test tube, wipe out the human race or all other species.
Do people define themselves in a racial, ethnic, or cultural group by their genes?
The Hox genes exert this influence by their action on the genes controlling the development of these structures.
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Professor John Loughlin Dr Louise Reynard and their colleagues at Newcastle University have been studying the genes that cause osteoarthritis.
The result is an accumulation of defective daughter cells with the wrong number of chromosomes and therefore the wrong number of genes.
My decades-past college biology course didn't mention anyplace else where humans had genes.
Amplification of Ig genes rearrangements have been proposed as a appropriate method to lymphoma diagnosis.
However, the characteristic cytogenetic abnormalities involve chromosomal rearrangements of c-MYC, BCL-2, and BCL-6 genes.
But every now and then a bacterium will acquire or develop the necessary genes to resist being killed by the antibiotics.
They gerrymandered my genes into a configuration that turned me into an intellectual heavyweight, a synapse-stuffed savant, and a real wise guy.
These clones of the unique genes will be used to further investigate the process of skeletal muscle atrophy as a result of exposure to microgravity.
Resurrecting these long extinct genes gives us the opportunity to analyze and dissect the ancient surroundings that have been recorded in the gene sequence.
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