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The absence of the red fox in Tasmania is the main reason that the island has been something of a Noah's Ark for Australian animals.
I am more entitled to call myself a fox expert than some so-called experts.
The average for the past three years was 67, and this was construed as an indication that the fox menace was now reasonably under control.
Hounds that have successfully tracked a fox are trained to pull it or dig it out of its hole, and the fox is killed.
A datestone featuring the fox, as seen on the village weathervane, is due to be laid in the building in a month's time.
I was brought up in Shropshire, so I know all about fox hunting and saw them setting off, all excited, ready for the kill.
The fox hunters' problem is that, because keeping a horse is a pretty expensive activity, they were always seen as some sort of financial elite.
So it took me some time to come to terms with the fact that he supports fox hunting and his son is a whipper-in.
Once widespread, they have been reduced to few isolated populations by habitat destruction and predation by the introduced red fox.
There are different foxes, there's the gray fox, the red fox, the arctic fox.
They became the first naturalists to describe several animals, including the coyote, kit fox, Oregon bobcat and the wolf of the plains.
A kit fox family alone may use up to 50 burrows in a season, moving its young every few days.
The whips go to the covert and watch for the fox to go away, and then they signal the fox's escape from the covert.
In any event, if a lid is not closed properly on a wheelie bin, a fox will forage in the bin and the rubbish will still be strewn.
Many carnivores, such as mink, seal, fox, and bobcat, have long been hunted or ranched for their fur.
Whitetail deer, coyote, red fox, snowshoe hare and raccoon often make appearances.
But when the blizzards wail the Arctic fox curls its tail over its frosty nose and sleeps in the snows.
After seeing a fox, wallabies thumped their hind feet in alarm, suppressed foraging, and increased looking.
The fox wandered the area, and went a little ahead, finding not much, besides a few more berries that had not yet spoiled in the coming winter.
Twenty threatened or endangered species make their home there, including the peregrine falcon and San Joaquin kit fox.
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Examples from Classical Literature
When the fox appeared the deerhound made after him, and, in his attempt to dodge, reynard was bowled over on to his back.
The Arctic fox is not nearly such a clever animal as the common fox, and is very easily trapped.
There is the Arctic fox, which is confined to the cold Northern regions, and which in winter is white.
With the exception of the Arctic fox, the higher fauna of these islands were found exclusively among the sea mammals.
Steller and his companions are gone, but the Arctic fox, which played them so many tricks, is still there.
Here Paddy was questioned why he considered the wren as cunning a baste as the fox.
In summer specimens of these species have slightly discolored coats, the shades resembling those of the blue fox.
She had diamonds in her hair, still black, and a collar of blue fox on her shoulders.
A fox got in there one day last March, and Bootle always stops it since that.
Upon stepping in to see the dog all that presented itself to view was a dog, a cross between a fox and bull terrier.
Mahmoud obtained a fox, which was his first mammal, saving a bushy-tailed rat.
The parasites of the wolf, jackal, and fox family have especial interest, as including those of the dog.
The gladiolas, Canterbury bells, gillie flowers and fox gloves grow as prim as in a conservative English garden.
They went on and on, and there, on the borders of a forest, some hounds were chasing a fox.
It infests the small intestines, and is found alike in the fox, wolf, and cheetah.
The master himself was not exempt and once we find him chronicling that he went a-hunting and caught a fox and the ague.
One day the wolf and the fox were out together, and they stole a dish of crowdie.
This word comes from Wagoush, a fox, and the denominative inflection a ainc or ais.
They are all of the same family, with the single exception of the white or Arctic fox.
Getting a living in winter is not easy, and so the Arctic fox is a great traveler.
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