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Fox said only Conservatives can be so candid, because their Atlanticism is a matter of principle, not strategic expediency.
Geraldo Rivera is a war correspondent, or so the teasers on Fox News tell us.
My source of free-range eggs dried up last month when Mr Fox made off with our neighbour's hens.
It was the era when William Pitt, prime minister and head of the Tory Party, clashed with Charles Fox and his more liberal Whigs.
The cable stations, from CNN to Fox, are literally baying for blood and demanding the marines go into the city.
Red Fox, to the girl nurses, is just another whorish psycho that needs to stay away from their man and enter jail.
The landscaping scheme will link in with a new footpath and cycleway at the back of the Fox and a new bus waiting area on Holgate Road.
You know, he wanted out of that quicker than these people got married on Fox wanted out of that marriage.
The spine incorporates Main and Fox streets, where pedestrians treading on the colourful paved streets have right of way.
On the other hand, Fox was a meal ticket, an attractive ally in researchers' quest for bigger budgets.
Season Four certainly didn't lack for drama or surprise, and Fox really delivers a lot of bang for your buck with the extras this time around.
Shows like Fraggle Rock, Howdy Doody, and that one on Fox about the jive talking cat in a leather jacket began to absorb all my free time.
Treated as the redheaded stepchild of the Fox Sunday Night lineup, the show never truly found its audience, despite positive critical reviews.
She married fellow actor Laurence Fox in January and was spotted with a baby bump three months later while on holiday in Mauritius.
The soldiers fell and Fox gunned the engine of his rover to bring him parallel with the skimmer.
The downside is that one of the last times Fox moved a Sunday show to a weeknight, the results were far from encouraging.
By 1841 the old Carleton Hall estate was worked by three farmers, possibly tenants of Lane Fox estates.
It was re-established after the Second World War and now meets every Wednesday at the Fox Inn at Stockton-on-the-Forest.
Fox hunting is a country sport and packs of hounds are kept especially for hunting.
President Fox told reporters in Brazil that Mexico wants the United States to introduce immigration reforms as quickly as possible.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He couldn't warn chewink without making his own presence known to Reddy Fox.
According to Fox, such an occurrence is more frequent with cirrhosis of the liver than with ulcer or cancer of the stomach.
In the year 1745, continues the same writer, the Fox man-of-war was stranded on the coast of East Lothian, and went to pieces.
Fox had stumbled in the mire, and had not only been defeated, but befouled.
This Fox was one of the most conscienceless wretches and desperadoes that ever lived.
Jack Darling having arrived at Muktiarbad while Mrs. Fox was at a hill station, their acquaintance was only in its initial stage.
Having been a coxcomb in his youth, Fox was now degenerating into the sloven.
The Fox, steel blue in the shade, becomes tawny as its namesake when its fur of rough waves is combed to redness in the sunlight.
Caleb fired off his revolver, and Turk bayed his basso profundo full-cry Fox salute.
The bond was delivered to Fox, who tore it up and flung the pieces into the fire.
Could it be that, after all, Mackintosh had been mistaken, or that Red Fox had deluded them?
I'll take the path that leads past several briar patches, and if Mr. Fox runs for me I'll just slip into a briar patch.
From Skelton to Fox the martyrologist, every man had some motive for throwing a stone at him.
Fox dismounted and stood over his captive while the latter transferred the gunnysack and its contents to the other saddle.
On this uncomfortable but splendid seat, Mr. Fox was chaired all round Covent Garden, amidst the cheers of his friends.
The farmers of Fox County told each other in chapfallen appreciation that she was about as level-headed as they make them.
Thus perplexed, Fox Talbot hesitated in 1826 to enounce this fundamental principle.
James Murdoch is to succeed his father Rupert as chief executive of media giant 21st Century Fox at the start of next month.
The next morning Brother Fox began to dig a well by a big tree.
He says that Fox made his best speeches when he was blind drunk.
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