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It may have been simply fortuitous that they had encamped near the Korisa military camp.
This fortuitous design confined the damage to just the number six cylinder, piston, and connecting rod.
So on a meander along the city footpaths, it was fortuitous that we came across this venue, just when a lunch break was called for.
As it turned out, it was rather fortuitous that I had stopped to have a short discussion with Irving.
Violence itself becomes a means of reassurance, a fortuitous opportunity through which the strength of re-enforced steel is tested.
Much of the success of the text is by design, other aspects are by fortuitous accident.
It was rather fortuitous then, to have the Prime Minister himself underline the need for a more direct and reliable land route.
He laughed to himself as he walked, thinking how lucky he'd been that his prank had had such fortuitous results.
There things might have stayed, except for a rapid and fortuitous concatenation of circumstance and opportunity.
They might have been, too, but for a rather fortuitous penalty awarded with nine minutes remaining.
Make no mistake this was a hard won if rather fortuitous victory but like recent games it needn't have been so.
If such evidence surfaces, watch out for another fortuitous destruction of those records.
In our analysis, we took advantage of these fortuitous differences by incorporating weather as a categorical factor.
On a similar theme, red is a lucky or fortuitous colour so wedding banquets in Japan tend to have red food included.
It had been obtained by one of those fortuitous coincidences that sometimes produce great journalism.
This is fortuitous because the acreage of this convention center is unfathomable.
Henry benefitted from several fortuitous breaks of the ball, but took full advantage as King's game began to unravel.
The loft above the work space was a fortuitous accident that happened during construction.
It probably arose from the accidental but fortuitous fermentation of grapes from wild vines.
It's deliciously grown-up, avoiding slapstick in favour of fortuitous mishap.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In a fortuitous assembly of such people the lowest common denominator of morality is easily adopted as the standard.
This would also be the case had Arunta totemism always been conceptional and fortuitous.
Nor would the treasure ever have been found but for a most fortuitous accident.
This was not the proportion that there should have been if the mortality had been fortuitous.
The genius of wykeham adopted and adapted the fortuitous plan of Merton.
But that is presumable a small price to pay for the fortuitous new business it will gain.
He collected one specimen of an ichneumon at the highest point, and Betty felt redeemed by that fortuitous find.
Her only hope lay in waiting until darkness had fallen, unless some fortuitous circumstance should arise before.
It is odd how we of that pension, who seemed such a fortuitous collection, have been working into one another's lives.
Just how I was to help Perry I could scarce imagine, but I hoped that some fortuitous circumstance might solve the problem for me.
In a way, their meeting the next morning was fortuitous enough, yet it had also its significance for both of them.
Invention was no longer the fortuitous result of a happy chance.
Yet we find a few fortuitous circumstances that favored his evolution.
There are difficulties as to minute modifications, even if not fortuitous.
To show you how fortuitous was development in those days let me state that had it not been for the gluttony of Lop-Ear I might have brought about the domestication of the dog.
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