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And I just wanted to compliment Bill on speaking his mind, because I'm sure he gets a lot of flack and criticism for doing this.
Now, comes word of yet another right-leaning columnist getting paid to flack for a Republican administration's policies.
I can say from experience that Michael knows his onions like no other flack I've ever met.
After all, it is she who once again seems to be coming in for all the flack.
Heck, it can't even kill off a character in a TV serial without getting serious flack.
The round penetrated through his arm into his flack vest and was stopped by his armor plate.
While Jimmy catches flack for acting too straight, he criticizes Isaac for dressing, talking and acting too street.
The bearded volunteer, wearing an over-sized black flack jacket, said rebel resistance had stiffened.
I have drawn severe flack from South African circles for criticising their Reserve Bank and for laying the blame for the Rand's demise at their door.
They were sending volley after volley of flack at the bombers.
In 1979, when the Three Mile Island nuclear power disaster occurred in Pennsylvania, President Carter went out of his way to flack for the atomic-energy industry.
For all his party loyalty, he found himself increasingly marginalized in union work, pushed to the peripheries, and hung out to take the flack when things fell apart.
Camel racing, a favorite pastime in the Middle East, has taken flack from human-rights advocates for the young boys imported to jockey the humpbacked desert beasts.
David Freedlander reports on the outburst by spokeswoman Barbara Morgan, previously a well-regarded flack.
A festival flack asked me to move, so that an Italian gentleman in a tuxedo could take my seat.
Both 24 and Homeland caught significant flack from critics for stereotyping Muslims and Middle Easterners.
To the punters he had become the meat in the sandwich, taking the flack with dignity and putting up with all the hurdles that had suddenly confronted him.
Republicans in Hollywood seem to get a lot of flack and be a bit marginalized.
Two years later, she got flack for another Castro ad that featured Gadot twerking in a pair of jeans.
As I remember it, director Spike Lee caught a good bit of flack from the black community for not treating Malcolm X sufficiently reverentially in this film.
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Get some of the servants to give you a description of him, and 'phone it through to flack at the Yard.
Why the count and the marquis won't be interested in Mr. flack.
Without Mr. flack, at the cafes, he felt too much a non-consumer.
He saw it come in powerfully with Mr. Flack, after Miss Dosson had proposed they should walk off without their initiator.
Flack had laid the foundation stone, and the apparition of red and cream brick began to rise did he take alarm.
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