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The explanted heart was markedly enlarged with a distended, flaccid right ventricular wall.
This is apparent on the string of flaccid acid-house tracks that make up the middle portion of the disc.
Velogenic viral infection of chickens and turkeys in lay usually reveal egg yolk in the abdominal cavity with flaccid, degenerative follicles.
During 2002, fully conscious patients with a polio-like flaccid paralysis were also recognised.
I was tickled and amused by the presentation of my waffle, but it was soggy, flaccid and certainly not as much fun to eat as it was to look at.
It's seems that only in their flaccid middle age that they got inspired to bloodlust and glory.
The compressor intermittently inflates the balloon, which then slowly returns to its sorry, flaccid state.
Shaking his head, he plopped him onto his horse with extreme difficulty then rose up behind him, clasping the flaccid body to his chest.
Unfortunately, many skiers hold their arms and legs rigid in search of balance while their stomach and back muscles are flaccid and forgotten.
Sauntering into the living room, I stretched my flaccid body along the couch.
Still flaccid and lethargic from lack of blood, Ed ambled slowly in front of the doors.
Leaves were scored as dead when they were flaccid or dried over more than half their surface.
Generally, in a healthy plant the cells alternate between being flaccid and fully turgid.
Perhaps this, then, is the reason that leaves wilt, that is become flaccid, when they are severely stressed.
In the case of the anti-deficit campaign, flaccid fiscal management was a weakness to be strenuously avoided.
They hate us, their treatises and demagogues have long proclaimed, because we appear to them spiritually lukewarm, religiously flaccid.
All-natural aphrodisiacs can get even the most flaccid of men and frigid of women in the mood and raring to go.
Most of the starters had that flaccid, self-absorbed, glutinously expired quality of pre-prepared and bulk-produced portion control.
Dead cuttings were obvious because their bud tissue had become flaccid.
The shady lava lamp in the corner of the room supplied a dismal crimson light, the bubbly pink shimmers on the wall fell onto his flaccid, ageless, sweaty body.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But how could something happen in a world of flat gold sand and flaccid sea?
Young osmotic cells appear swollen and turgescent, whereas old ones become flaccid, relaxed, and wrinkled.
The kidneys may appear normal or anemic and flaccid, but microscopically they usually show a chronic parenchymatous degeneration.
He lifted his head and sniffed the flaccid air, which was laden with a heavy odour.
The muscles were limp and flaccid, not having had time to stiffen.
These wet, flaccid, liquescent skins also provoke a certain disgust, it is true.
Indeed, such a flaccid, fluid, pouchy carcass I have never before seen.
He felt weak and shaky but resentment energized his flaccid muscles.
His flaccid mind had never questioned the truth of its dogmas.
The left lung was light and flaccid, when compared to the right.
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