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My brain fade can only be explained away by a lethal combination of too much day time activity and late night tennis.
I gratefully let my smile fade as I tried to block out their incessant chatter.
The craze peaked from 1953 to '55, but like all fads it began to fade by 1957 due to overexposure.
As they cross into his yard, their voices fade to a dull murmur punctuated by high laughter.
The drums die away for the last minute of the track and fade into what sounds like a guitar strumming along to a keyboard melody.
A visual device such as a fade, dissolve or wipe, also includes superimposing and other special effects.
I swallowed hard as the visions began to fade from my stream of consciousness and I became aware once more of my mother's presence.
Obviously it will fade as your skin sheds dead layers over a week or so, so give yourself a head start by applying the products on younger cells.
While spring and summer flowers and fall color dazzle, it is more difficult to create interest when the flowers fade or the leaves drop.
Robinson was invariably speaking as the programme ended, and the producers would be required to fade him out in mid-flow.
Plants need regular water throughout the growing season, but especially until six weeks after flowers fade.
This clearly didn't happen, and their choice then was whether the fade off into oblivion or whether to actually do something.
After topmost flowers fade, cut the stem back to a side blossom, bud, or leaf.
After the flowers of spring bulbs fade, the remaining foliage is left to wilt and die back.
As for 90 octane gasoline, there are strong indications that it will slowly fade into oblivion, hopefully unnoticed until it ceases to exist.
Sarah stared out the window watching the sky fade from a multitude of color to a black starry night.
Its coals fade to black shortly after it starts, but then a scratchy calliope whirs to life, taking it out on a wistful, black and white note.
It is safest to prune, when needed, as soon as flowers fade because buds are set almost immediately for the next season.
Special care is given to the gourd plant as it grows and forms fruit after its flowers fade.
Before memories of the honeymoon in Switzerland, captured on the digicam, could fade away, it was splitsville.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The anchor light seemed to fade away and merge into thin air before his very eyes.
As they rested upon her some of the sternness seemed to fade from their glance.
Nowhere that I have been to in the world does the land fade into the sea so inconspicuously.
In all these the genal cca fade out in the genal angles, and in none of them would compound eyes be expected in that region.
But where all things fade, how miserable to be the one that could not fade!
Methinks she will fade into the moonlight, which falls upon her through the window.
The Master said, erst the cold days show how fir and cypress are last to fade.
It is just because there are so many obstacles in the way of your love that it does not fade.
But, che sara sara, these kindly thoughts were but to bloom for an hour and fade.
As they fade the calyces become fleshy and much enlarged, and resemble the fruit of the hawthorn when ripe.
As he proceeded along these lines one could see the self-congratulatory expression fade from the faces of his white listeners.
On the third day they fade completely, and the development of the boll begins.
In some cases these thought forms survive in the auric body for some little time, and then gradually fade away.
He looked into Trent's face, and the years seemed to fade away into a mist.
We do not fade and decay here as you tell me those of your planet do, though you, yourself, belie your own words.
Do not let a single one who has ever been with you fade and drop away.
As I watched I observed that the discoloration was beginning to fade.
And then the cheery sunshine of the cosy room began to fade away.
They fade irrevocably out of my mind even now while I speak, and endeavor to recall them and recollect myself.
The snows of boreal affection did not wither or fade his eternal spring.
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