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She played with her breath, blowing it into the air to make small clouds of fog and watch them fade away.
Slowly but surely, with this influence, Jeanne begins to gain some prestige and some of the tarnish of her name begins to fade away.
The fuel crisis is the immediate cause, and whether that will run and run or fade away as fast as it blew up is for the moment hard to say.
Led on by false promises and unaccomplished hopes, I lay down and fade away into oblivion.
Perhaps it was better that he simply fade away into the great black of the deeps.
She felt some of the strength fade away from her legs, the bounce she tried to inject into her knees feeling slow and sluggish.
As her group moved forward, she snuck behind a building and waited for the footsteps of her group to fade away.
Before memories of the honeymoon in Switzerland, captured on the digicam, could fade away, it was splitsville.
The incumbent platforms are not yet ready to fade away and we are now poised for a period when new equilibriums will be established.
The plants die when the crown becomes infected causing the green to fade away.
The white infection is starting to fade away and the scabs are beginning to itch terribly.
Until recently, AIDS researchers and activists in the United States tended to regard the denialists with derision, assuming they would fade away.
Its light began to fade away, and kept fading until they were just looking at a pail full of pure, unpolluted water.
Democrats will need some truly Shadowy groups, brand new 527s that spring up, launch ads and push polls in key states, and then fade away.
The birds were singing and even the soft breeze whispered in his ears, all helping to make the discomforting dream fade away.
Even if he had a hard race and he was beaten, where other horses would fade away and maybe go off their grub, he would actually thrive on it.
Ghost words are created accidentally by lexicographers, and when they are exposed they generally fade away.
Let her go to school and be with her at the beginning and then gradually fade away little by little.
Probably not many, which would explain the number of one-hit wonders that flash their star for the requisite 15 minutes and then fade away with the morning's light.
Would she fade away slowly, or just disappear in an instant?
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Examples from Classical Literature
The anchor light seemed to fade away and merge into thin air before his very eyes.
In some cases these thought forms survive in the auric body for some little time, and then gradually fade away.
Its edges fade away gradually in the surface of the subjacent sandstone.
More than 200kg of canvas and special oil paints that will not fade away in UAE's summer heat will be shipped from India next week.
And now, as I close my task, subduing my desire to linger yet, these faces fade away.
And then the cheery sunshine of the cosy room began to fade away.
He looked into Trent's face, and the years seemed to fade away into a mist.
At times, some shapeless monster of the deep, floating on the surface, would, as we approached, sink slowly into the blue waters, and fade away from the sight.
He believed that no nation that had ever known the joy of worshiping a royal family could ever be robbed of it and not fade away and die of melancholy.
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