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How to use fable in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word fable? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The characters in my fable are modern-day versions of Galileo, Newton, and Leibniz.
The Man Without a Past is a fable about strange, unanchored people, negotiating the rickety but promising world around them.
Forget that the sense of it being a fable is bowdlerized by the fact that almost none of the character action is fully motivated.
But for the moment, I am pleased to have been given this chance to contrive my own fable and plead my own case before the necrologists get at me.
This story has taken on the image and the veneer of a fable and we are simply following the fable to its logical conclusion.
Orwell adapts the literary forms of the allegory and beast fable for his own purposes.
The personal fable reflects the mistaken belief that one's feelings and experiences are uniquely different from those of others.
Mr Connelly examines, rather cursorily, the evidence for this myth being, in part, a fable.
There were dark and sinister things in the Dalewoodian nights, things left to fable and myth.
The fable of King Midas is one of the prettiest admonitions in classical mythology against the dangerous allure of gold.
The Singaporean filmmaker argues that he's only amplifying what's already coded into the fable.
However, no fable or legend was nearly as fantastic as the one told by the stranger who fell from the sky.
He is supposed by the retailers of the fable to have had knowledge of the mock consecration.
This is a fable that talks about the existence and acceptance of differences in a time of conservatism and religious bigotry.
Restoration and Augustan poetry reign here, providing Brown's primary locus of interpretation and exemplum of cultural fable.
Despite these small details the beautiful prose blending modernist lyricism with fable, music and motion is highly evocative.
There is verse here and fable, both equally creative in consonantal calisthenics and comic content.
The film's sometimes dreamy quality is underscored by a refrain of spirituality blended with myth mixed with fable.
It's meant as a fable, with elements of parody and literary criticism thrown in by the author to keep everybody guessing.
The movie Hoosiers is a paean to basketball in Indiana, a fable born of reality, the Cinderella heroes coming from a small town named Hickory.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But a ridiculous and childish fable of the belly and the rest of the members.
There was silence, and before I had finished my fable the little bell rang.
The fable of the labours of Hercules is the type of all human doing and success.
This is the Fata Morgana, which for twenty-six years I had thought a mere fable.
Imbecility, vapidity, and the commonplace distended themselves like the frog in the fable.
To the allegorist, the fable or plot in epic or dramatic poetry was only a rind to cover attractively the kernel of truth.
This fable points much the same way as the seventy-sixth, so that one moral may very well serve for both.
The boatman did not know this fable, but he did know of a red deer that came and spoke to a gentleman.
He goes about, like the cat in the fable, 'pede suspenso,' sneakingly and cautiously!
But the history of the Memphite Empire unfortunately loses itself in legend and fable, and becomes a blank for several centuries.
It is the Aesopian type that Aristotle has in view when he treats of the fable as a branch of rhetoric, not of poetry.
Perhaps the fate of Niobe is no fable, but a type of the callousness of our nature.
Few biblical characters have been so surrounded with a haze of fable as Dionysius the Areopagite.
They have read the fable of the sun and the wind backwards, and inverted the moral.
To sum up the characteristics of the Aesopian fable, it is artless, simple and transparent.
The popular connection between this word and hide, a skin, as in the story of the first jutish settlement, is a fable.
The hostility of the kindred races of Pandu and kuru forms one of the great circles of Indian fable.
It is possible that this fable only symbolisms the introduction of sails in navigation.
But as the children grow more penetrating, the fable is the best possible form of symbolistic literature to set them at first.
In it the Aesopian fable received a development which was in several respects quite original.
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