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Let the one in books that speak the truth edify religious men, and the other in lying fables delight impure demons.
In fables, Uncle Coyote is constantly outwitted by the jokester and trickster Uncle Rabbit.
The whole sequence ends with two sonnets allegorizing the poet's love by means of fables about Cupid.
Perrault's fables were much reprinted and adapted by the Victorians into children's picture books, burlesque, and pantomime.
Since Aesop mined the animal kingdom for characters, it was only natural that he incorporated plenty of birds in his fables.
However, there is a strong oral tradition consisting of stories, legends, fables, poems, riddles, and songs.
Children were once told fairytales, myths, legends and fables because they had a meaning, a moral or a special psychological relevance.
Many of Smith's stories are rewrites of Chinese myths and fables, with casts of characters out of his dreamlike human universe.
He portrayed visions of animal menageries, fairies, and devils, derived from fables and mythology.
In later writings they modulate into fables, culminating in the brilliant Kafkaesque miniatures of With One Skin Less.
Why do I believe in an ancient book that some say is a book of legends, myths, fables, and ancient history?
Suicidal sheep and comic book heroes inhabit this beguiling collection of far-fetched fables.
Those were Swedish fables of love, family and friendship which bathed us in a warm and fuzzy comforting glow.
The folktales include stories about animals, fairy tales, fables with moral lessons, Buddhist legends, and stories about historical figures.
However even if we doubt the validity of the morals proposed, crude fables frequently remain eloquent pieces of short prose.
Likewise the use of animals as human stand-ins turns the tales into Aesop-like fables with a modern, existential twist.
Buddha Stories is a collection of animal fables that teach the moral principles of Buddhism.
One animal in these fables is as clever as the fox, wise as the owl, and diplomatic as the rabbit.
His stories were enigmatic fables set in the past, and could be understood as veiled political criticism.
I really don't know anything about The Beach Boys other than the fables and tired myths that surround their bandleader.
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Examples from Classical Literature
For the lightning and the gis and the trident are but fables, and so all ancient theology.
The eloquent champion of faith wields the glaive as stoutly for fables as for eternal verities.
The exact source of the Guadiana has been a subject of much debate and of many fables.
It may be carried too far, and the fables of the vulgar have often a stratum of truth at the bottom.
It is accomplishing wonders before us every day, such as Arabian story-tellers used to string together in their fables.
And if it be lawful to intermix our discourse with fables, it is said that Adonis was slain by a boar.
The fables that have grown around the memory of the hero do not invalidate the pedigree.
Again, Meir was famed for his knowledge of fables, in antiquity a branch of the wisdom of all the Eastern world.
The fables of La Fontaine will serve as a criticism of the errors of the passions.
It is significant that there is not a trace of Mariolatry in these tales and fables.
It is not so with the new fables which the Greeks are continually mixing with their mythology.
He read an alchemistic meaning into the ancient fables concerning the Egyptian and Greek gods and heroes.
With such shifting, grotesque and inadequate fables, the cosmogonic myths of the world are necessarily bewildered and perplexed.
But such legends were considered by most commentators as allegorical fables.
The theory of the ebionite legend must contain some truth at the bottom, in spite of the fables which are mingled with it.
I have no faith in the old wives' fables that we are most miserable when we get what we want.
To find her match, we shall have to go to the fables that are told about the amazons.
There is a wonderful collection of fables, and a most complete library of ana.
To the wise, therefore, a fact is true poetry, and the most beautiful of fables.
Mr. Ade's new series of thirty fables are a valuable record of the war years in American life.
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