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Court observation can, however, be deceptively straightforward, and anyone who spends time in courtrooms quickly becomes aware of its drawbacks.
Other covert radio transmitters available from security equipment dealers have serious drawbacks.
One of the few drawbacks of daffodils and tulips is the foliage after the flowers have gone over.
Hopefully, the drawbacks will be overcome before somebody else takes a painful tumble on the daunting steps in the inky gloom.
The bends and twists, the potholes and the flooding were all cited as major drawbacks for motorists.
Did you feel that, whatever the drawbacks, it was still important to mount an Asian play on Broadway?
Once again the drawbacks to living a life of laziness and sloth became apparent.
The replacement of vegetated areas with concrete cover in high-density urban areas has a number of environmental drawbacks.
Although Black Swan was itself vertically integrated, vertical integration had drawbacks.
Numerous overthrows, wides and no balls showed the drawbacks inherent in blind cricket.
There are drawbacks, but if you like a pastoral life, with rural pastimes, this is the place.
Although hyposensitization is the ideal way to treat inhalant allergy, it does have some drawbacks.
These structures, often put together by the pisciculturist himself, suffer from a number of drawbacks.
This processes of economic integration in the world market had its drawbacks.
This too may have its drawbacks, but at least a local appointee will have a fair knowledge of clergy and people and a sense of diocesan needs.
We were taught that each method of artificial contraception has its drawbacks.
Hilo, the main port, is an official port of entry but it has a number of drawbacks.
Ultrasound and X-ray fluoroscopy have long been used in this role, though both have certain drawbacks.
In retrospect, I realize the drawbacks of the multivocal approach when it comes to giving primacy to Native perspectives.
They also share many of the drawbacks inherent in this class, including foredecks that could be a lot safer.
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The reflecting telescope, however, had in turn certain drawbacks of its own.
As a set-off against these drawbacks, there is an abundance of water-power.
But all these drawbacks were met in the true picnic spirit, which de minimis non curat so long as there is something to eat.
But the loveliest countries have their little drawbacks, Sarawak not excepted.
But then, their friends will keep their drawbacks in the dark, and eulogize their merits to the utmost.
In truth, looking at the drawbacks now removed, an earlier acceptance of the passage appears as natural as does todays rejection.
Still, in spite of frightful drawbacks it was some degrees better than manresa.
Hardness and toughness are actual drawbacks in the utilisation of rubber which is required for vulcanising.
There are some minor faults which become drawbacks in the culture of Winchell.
The problem to be solved was to market an agglomerated material so as to avoid the drawbacks of fine ore.
Cellulose acetate RO membranes, which were prevailingly used before PA membranes, have several drawbacks.
But, with all these allowances and drawbacks, I can tell you one thing, Noel.
Apart from debts and duns and all such drawbacks, I am not fit even for this employment.
To-day we are watching a cinematograph which has none of these drawbacks.
Persons possessed of sluggish livers and tender hearts find two serious drawbacks to the enjoyment of a cruise at sea.
They have the wealths of the two zones, without the drawbacks of either.
Thus, circuitously, he might be suggesting that the public picture of history as normal continuous change has its drawbacks.
In Brazil, the rapidly changing clinical landscape and complexity and lengthiness of approval and import processes have been cited as the biggest drawbacks.
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