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How to use drawback in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word drawback? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The only drawback is the lack of sausage and pepperoni, but pork isn't very healthy anyway.
Gowda says the drawback in these training sessions is that they are not taught skilled work that is utilitarian.
The other drawback to having to go to a gym today is that I now have to run out tomorrow which, according to my wallchart, is a rest day.
The drawback of Movable Do, besides abandoning any sense of absolute pitch, results from the problem of accidentals.
A drawback is that the U content of the titanites is very low, making radiometric dating difficult.
The only drawback is that the software is available only in English and the accent is British or American.
But, when the humor is flat and repetitious, as is the case here, the absence of a credible storyline becomes a major drawback.
One drawback of organic-based products is the tendency of chemicals to leach from the matrix material, leaving parts of the surface unprotected.
It's a wonderful tree, the only drawback being that it comes into leaf long after most other garden plants, in late spring to early summer.
The biggest drawback to this plan is that it will antagonize opponents of outsourcing.
The only real drawback is an interior where design has triumphed over function, as any kind of storage space is very hard to find.
The drawback is that for a sophisticated task, this can be like programming an operating system in assembler.
One drawback to the study was the nonrandom assignment to intervention and nonintervention groups.
There is only one potential drawback to making good-tasting cocktails using liqueurs, including schnapps.
The only drawback to this eminently plausible case is that there is not a scrap of evidence for it.
One serious drawback of the contain-and-counter attitude is apparent when a team goes behind.
The one drawback is that there's not enough room in the boot for even a set of golf clubs.
The only drawback is that polyurethane glues have a shelf life of only about one year.
Another drawback of the skunkworks approach is that it may create a climate of us and them.
The drawback is that down soaks up water, so you can't wear most jackets in the rain.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A drawback particularly associated with ethylene 45 oxide is its tendency to polymerize during storage.
On one occasion only he cannily indemnified his narrative for this drawback.
Drawbacks were allowed on coffee and cocoanuts, but chinaware was no longer subject to drawback.
But a serious drawback is the insufficiency and uncertainty of the rain supply.
One drawback, common to both ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, is toxicity.
The drawback is that fewer plants can be obtained by layering than from cuttings with a given amount of wood.
She slept well the fourth night, and, save that she had twice a slight return of polyuria, went on without a single drawback.
The only drawback to her perfect use of all her functions lay in asthenopia, which lasted nearly a year after she left my care.
One possible drawback of our study is that we used a visual method of assessing the blood spatter on the protective eye shield.
The biggest drawback to a straight bonus approach is that base pay can eventually fall below competitive levels.
The only drawback is that we have conclusively proved by ocular demonstration that there are no water channels down the rocks.
His evils seemed to lessen, her own advantages to increase, their mutual good to outweigh every drawback.
It is a real drawback to us Liberals that they are so weak, so negligible.
Another drawback on the Whitechapel establishment, is the absence of beer.
We will not be able to oversee the work, that is a drawback.
If it was not for the drawback of her illnessbut I am afraid we must expect to see her grown thin, and looking very poorly.
The only drawback to the pleasure-seeker is the narrowness of the streets.
Weakness of limb or want of wealth was no drawback in his eyes.
A drawback is found in the non-durable qualities of black gum.
There is one drawback to the bullhead, and that is his horns.
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