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How to use dab in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word dab? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
And if he nicked you bad enough to bleed, he'd dab a bit of toilet paper on his tongue and stick it to the wound!
If you shave your bikini line, skip the moisturizer and dab on an anti bacterial cream instead.
Margery worked as a clerk for British Rail and was a dab hand at shorthand and typing.
Rub a little dab on your hands and lightly work it into your hair and you're good to go.
Not only is he a dab hand at changing a spare tyre, he can also push-start a 19-tonne articulated truck single-handedly.
Young members of Spa GAA Club are proving to be a dab hand at the age-old game of draughts.
Some people put a dab of petroleum jelly in the nose at night to combat dryness.
They slipped on their halter tops, some not so sensible shoes and a dab of glitter makeup around the eyes.
My bra straps held his neck to the metal and I knew not a single dab of mine would be found on his body.
I once witnessed a fellow journalist, who fancied himself as a dab hand at off-roading, make a simple mistake and get it all terribly wrong.
Finish with a few spritzes of eau de toilette and a dab or two of perfume for long-lasting impact.
With every stroke and dab and curve of the brush she was losing a little bit of herself.
A dab of white-wine vinegar is useful to get plates and cutlery spotlessly clean.
Well, I don't use make up daily, just kohl to line my eyes, and a dab of lipstick.
When you brush your teeth, also gently scrub your tongue with a dab of toothpaste.
Melt a dab of butter in it, and spread the butter evenly in the pan with a wadded paper towel.
I try to be well-groomed, but clean, well-cut hair and a dab of lipstick are about the extent of my beauty regimen.
When serging decorative thread chains, cording or braid, dab seam sealant on the ends to prevent the chain from raveling.
There was a time when a grazed knee in the playground merited a quick visit to the school nurse, a dab of TCP and a sticking plaster.
Use a small, pointed brush to dab a tiny amount of concealer right on the blemish, pressing into the spot to cover completely.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Phil watched him in the rear-view mirror and noted the hasty dab at moist eyes.
But a dab of varnish, a touch of gilding here and there, was all that was necessary.
And though I've brought my man with me, and he's a dab hand with the tackle, one gets a bit bored sometimes.
She was a dab hand at making coffee, which is the beverage of serious minds.
Maybe it was the absurdly coquettish dab of black court-plaster which she had affixed to one dimply cheek.
The flounder, the plaice, and the dab, are all examples of this group of fishes.
The candle has been lighted and stuck with a dab of grease on the ledge.
She was rubbing distressfully at a dab of rouge on her cheek.
They dab a splotch of sheep-dip on the place and go right ahead.
Well, a damp dab of mud like this confounded island seems the last place where one would think of fires.
A red dab over the sternum, and on each arm in front of the deltoid.
A dexterous dab or two of that would have put an end to all his glory.
Koyala crushed a fern underfoot with a vicious dab of her sandaled toes.
If there were only one dab of mud to be found in the whole of London, I am convinced I should carry it off from all competitors.
Requires a dab of red in all that backcloth of green and black, doesnt it?
The youth saw his features wrathfully red, and saw him make a dab with his sword.
The salesman advised me to gently dab it with methylated spirits on a cloth and it worked, as it does on most things, including clothes.
He was a smooth one to talk, and was a dab at the ways of gentlefolks.
Even with a lightish dab of the accelerator, the 595 lurches forward.
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