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After her sister complied, Rebecca twisted her brown hair up and clipped it against her head, dabbing on some lip-gloss and eyeshadow.
Always test for stiffness or discoloration by dabbing sealant on a fabric swatch or a seamline before applying it to your project.
His brush strokes tend towards a dabbing that has its origins in Monet's Impressionism and reached its excess in pointillism.
She felt strong hands grab her shoulders and a warm cloth dabbing at her face.
As he watched himself on the screen, Jackson could be seen looking emotional and dabbing his eyes with a tissue.
It is not surprising that many of those watching can be seen reaching for handkerchiefs and dabbing their eyes.
More than just dabbing bits of colour on eggs, in Hungary egg painting is considered an art.
Apply by gently dabbing the lotion onto cleansed skin with a cottonwool ball, and then leave it to dry.
But before Chase could even respond, he suddenly felt the hot sharp steel of a weapon dabbing the base of his exposed and unprotected neck.
And if you still get midday shine, mattify it by dabbing on a weightless powder that won't leave skin caked.
Then we excavated the oily marrow with tiny wooden forks, dabbing little bits of it on slices of challah toast.
Her purse jingled as she rummaged through it before removing a single handkerchief, rosy pink with white speckles, and dabbing her tweaked brow.
When painting with a stencil cut out use a short bristled brush and with a dabbing motion apply your paint.
Despite the waning numbers of scent spritzers, there are plenty of guys and girls who won't leave home before dabbing a bit of eau de toilette in all the right spots.
We set to our task with a deliberate gentleness, dabbing with cloths, cotton, swabs.
Solve the problem of dry lips by dabbing your lips with lip balm.
Make-up is not about applying of pancake, dabbing rouge and lipstick.
Patrons eat their cannoli slowly and deliberately, dabbing the powdered sugar on their plates with licked fingers.
Joan recognized her as the girl whose son had sissied on her pants. She was still dabbing at her pantleg with a damp paper towel.
Yesterday was a rest day for the week-long event, and many orienteers were spending their time off dabbing lotion on their itchy bites.
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What did she want to keep on dabbing at her mouth with her handkerchief for!
She put on her white suit, and dabbing rouge on her cheeks and penciling her eyes, she went forth into the sunshiny streets.
Her eyes were wet and she was dabbing at them with a lace handkerchief.
The nails are filed and buffed and cuticles removed after dabbing with cuticle remover to soften them.
The girl worked busily, dabbing a twist of cloth into a little saucer of brown dye that holds longer than any walnut-juice.
He reheated yesterday's soup and fed her while she stared desultorily at the white landscape, dabbing her lips with a napkin like he used to do with their son.
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