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So it's kind of cool for me to think of myself as someone who's unrelenting and controlling of situations.
Despite the husband's touching attentiveness to their four children he is unsympathetic and controlling towards his wife.
The central sadomasochistic drama is played out against the background of Erika's enmeshment with her controlling mother.
The controlling perspective is that of a nightwalker, a lonely insomniac roaming the streets of a sleeping city.
The move will come as welcome news to farmers hard-hit by strict regulations controlling movement of their animals.
Staniforth was controlling the midfield and Graham was a constant threat at centre forward.
By knowing and controlling nature, men bettered their physical lot, gaining the leisure needed to cultivate minds and morals.
In this way it functions like a sheepdog herding its flock, always watching over and controlling the whole.
These observations point to a complex succession of events all controlling the different carbonate producers, both neritic and pelagic.
These judges should not be hard-line ideologues for the controlling political party.
The mirror structure is movably mounted on a base structure, which includes an actuation coil for controlling movement of the mirror structure.
He may not be improving off the tee, but lately he's been controlling his ball with his irons better than he has all year.
Navigation is straightforward, with soft keys controlling the menu and contacts portals.
However, it would be wrong to think that the government has the upper hand in controlling public opinion.
You know how, when you see a child or toddler misbehaving, you get really angry at the parents for not controlling her?
The warnings that permeate Polonius's speeches derive from his misperception of controlling his daughter's sexuality.
We decided on Meridian, based on the difficulty the pilot was having in controlling the plane without trim.
The larger bank remained the controlling party when it took over the smaller banks.
These malignant Las Vegas showgirl lookalikes are holding Earth hostage, controlling the monsters with shrewdly hidden remote devices.
Much of this effort will be directed, in one form or other, at modulating the regulatory systems controlling physiological systems.
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