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The issue of direct royal control over the army largely died away during the reign of Queen Anne and the Hanoverians.
Despite being the object of much attention right now, the struggle for control over content probably isn't very meaningful to mass audiences.
The challenges to be addressed are, inter alia, stakeholder complexity, measurement challenges and a lack of control over a nation's image.
It is based on the notion that society usually exercises control over individual behaviour and desire through social rules and norms.
I really do not think it is the business of retailers to have control over editorial content of magazines.
The country, or countries, able to establish control over this vital resource will secure a major advantage over their international rivals.
Discrete buttons mounted behind the wheel give you fingertip control over the gearbox.
Reid also emphasizes that kabakas did not exert much control over commerce since Ganda outside the capital traded relatively freely.
Capitalists and proletarians struggle for ownership of the means of production and control over the state.
One family's control over the viziership came to be more stable than the transfer of kingship.
He reflected the mindset of a person who was caught up in a bizarre bureaucratic maze that he had no control over.
If bull power is already negative, selling short is inappropriate because bears have control over the market bulls.
So issues such as occupation, control over strategic resources and imperialism are never brought up.
Agamemnon only hides behind that pretext, however, as his real aim is to extend control over the Aegean region.
It's a difficult thing to talk about in a way, because human intervention and control over the world have quite a bad rap at the moment.
He describes discourse as a technique used by the power elite to exert control over other constituent groups.
Their interests diverge from ours, and their control over the network strangles our ability to communicate.
He drew the link between control over society's resources by a small wealthy elite and this rapacious policy.
Stalin wanted to extend Soviet influence and control over as much of Europe as possible.
His command over his body language is as strong as his control over the fighters he leads.
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