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How to use console in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word console? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
However, when she hit the ground, her left shoulder came in contact with the side panel of the control console.
She pulls herself up using the console table for support and grabs the phone.
Lawrence looked over to the radio console and made a slashing motion across his throat.
Most importantly, as a place to write music, a console doesn't have that taint of school or music-lesson.
He got to his feet as quickly as he could, staggered then made his way to the console and tried to turn off the autopilot.
Unplug the drier, open up the console area, disconnect the wires to the buzzer, and tape them off.
As any sports fanatic knows, commentary can make or break any game, whether on TV or on a console.
Game saves are saved to memory stick, and a 32MB stick is included with the console.
So watch out all you mobile phone makers, all you console vendors, all you PC producers.
The Cambiocorsa also comes with a little T-bar reverse selector on the centre console.
The console hummed with power and the holographic interface screens popped up all around her, information being processed.
While the side scroller lives on and makes an occasional appearance in a console game, the future is platformers in vast 3D worlds.
Blair shut off both engines, then flipped a switch on the console that lowered both bower and sea anchors.
She went to see him the next morning, after secluding herself in her room with only Becca's soothing voice through the door to console her.
Microsoft's second-generation Xbox game console will contain a PowerPC microprocessor, sources confirmed Monday.
The center console is neat and simple, stressing a less-is-more minimalism.
Given that most of these types of games were meant for the PC, translating the interface to work with a console hasn't always worked.
You also console yourself with the knowledge that these are historical artefacts from a bygone era.
The intercom beeped on a console near the galley and Merlin moved to thumb the control.
The console enables subscribers to watch or record two programs simultaneously, or view one while time-shifting another.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This fine old clock is given the place of honor in the main panel of the wall, above the console table.
Cloris and Amyntas are now safe enough, and Carinus has the despised but faithful Amarillis to console him.
The imperial N may be seen on the corners of the console tables and on the commode.
But if he loved her he would have mentioned her with affection, if only to console her in her widowhood.
We may at least console ourselves with the reflexion that such a contingency is far off.
There was an epidemic of yawns, and they staggered to the console table where a long row of candles waited.
In the latter part of the 18th century the buffet occasionally took the form of a console table.
Betty hurried to the console table where the mail was always laid on a beaten silver tray.
On console table left end of sofa, fancy cigarettes box with cigarettes and match-box and ash-tray.
On the opposite wall there is another mirror, with a console table of carved wood painted gray beneath it.
He could not console her with a kiss and a caress, and a bonbon, of course.
The bed faced the windows and a large mirror over a console table was just opposite it.
From fireplace to console table Mignon paced, sunk in thought yet still unconquered by circumstances.
To console myself I read and re-read your letters and daydream about the future.
Not a single chair, table, sofa, etagere or console had been left in the state rooms of the Intendencia.
Between the two is a marble-topped console, with haunched gilt legs ending in sphinx claws.
His helpmate did anything but console him during his imprisonment in the Tower.
He returned to Inglewood to console himself with the popularity, which he acquired in the exercise of the office of overseer.
There's that in you, Lena, which can console me for worse things, for uglier passages.
From a multi-dialed console Ann verbally transmitted a new personality directly into the maladjusted mind.
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