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How to use consoled in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word consoled? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
He consoled the congregation with the thought that the people had died well-prepared.
The best parts of my day were not with him, and when I had a bad day at work, you consoled me.
They told how he calmed the people and consoled them with his unshakable belief in God.
I was genuinely consoled, however, by the fact that my long held suspicions were confirmed.
Fortunately, I consoled myself with discovering what Google thought of this site instead.
For example, the day of the verdict, I consoled a good friend of mine about the loss of her father.
He consoled himself with the knowledge that the human was in his power, and that at a word the humans life would be ended.
However I was consoled by the fact that when it had cooled down to a bearable temperature it actually tasted very good.
In some way, we the fans were complicit in this failure because we consoled ourselves too easily.
Barb consoled her and stayed up with her all night watching movies with the lights off.
Although the recent tendency has been towards bad service, you are often consoled after the first half hour with a bowl of mini cheddars.
We all feel jaded and long for time to escape and revitalise. I'm consoled with the thought of leaving.
She consoled party officials by declaring that there was still time to prepare for next year's general elections.
He will be neither consoled nor assured to be told that the prejudicial information was left out of account.
A female, like Amy, would have just listened to me and consoled me while I had my personal pity party.
When a pet died, the family was consoled with pies, cookies and other home-baked goods.
He consoled the afflicted hearts of the widows and of the orphans by helping them to find food.
Once the sailors go, the Tahitian women go back to their menfolk to be consoled.
In this they are hardly consoled by the way Labour appears to have signed up to so much of the deficit agenda.
As editor, you spend your time in deplorable obscurity, consoled merely by the fact you have the nicest job in journalism.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The first half-dozen or so of these declarations consoled doggie tremendously.
The doctor consoled him by pronouncing eulogies on his mistress, the lady in the dress of a 'longshorewoman.
It consoled the Mexican to feel how easily he could play this simple, unskilful American.
The infidelity of Clementine Pichon touched his amour-propre a little, but he soon consoled himself for it.
Then I was consoled by the proof that a bonefish had taken the bait off for me.
There was not a family which did not lament her, not a person who has since been consoled.
Whenever a problem arose she thought immediately of the blacksmith and was consoled.
And if they had sometimes sobbed they had consoled one another by mingling their tears.
Now and then their glances met, and she gave him an affectionate smile which consoled him.
He consoled himself with reflections on her impeccability, her wondrous intuition, her Far-away Princess-like delicacy.
For his coyness we were partly consoled by the gambols of the river-horses.
Whether he consoled himself with the stipendiary services of a court poet, we do not discover.
Failing in many attempts to open them, he quested food, found it, and consoled himself with it.
She consoled herself suddenly with the thought that her amorality was a characteristic of the superman.
After supper, he consoled himself with a pint of fourpenny ale.
He had consoled me after the first blow by saying that all was not lost.
Some good Samaritan had, and administered it, and Gubbins was consoled.
They were hungry after their ride, and easily consoled, since no real harm had befallen them.
But the triumph of the ciphering hand-organ has consoled me.
But, just as she had known, this revocation has consoled her.
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