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One of the criteria for the selection of undertakers and tenants was that they be conformable in religion.
Highly conformable to the patient's body these dressings adhere well to high-friction areas, such as the sacrum and heels.
His point can be illustrated by noting that transferable housing vouchers could be market conformable while rent control clearly would not.
Deposited sediments are conformable on top of those of the South Bashkirian Basin.
Boundaries between the formations are all conformable but, in the absence of ammonites or microfossils, age control is not precise.
Seismic data used in this study indicate that the Lower Flora Sandstone is conformable with the underlying strata.
He was directed to allow him to remain within the limits of their grant only while he was conformable to the government.
She couldn't get conformable to begin with and then just got over tired and ratty.
Cork or other conformable coverings make the handle more comfortable and easier to grip.
This polyurethane backing is soft and smooth to the touch, highly elastic, and highly conformable.
The insert is latex-free and consists of a narrow silicone tube that is completely encapsulated by a soft, conformable, fluid-filled sleeve.
The upper boundary of the Centroiberica zone is not conformable with younger strata and Silurian and Devonian strata may be absent.
Though at first he was conformable to the established church, he afterwards imbibed the principles of the puritans, and became a sufferer in the common cause.
A conformable sensor makes it possible to measure pressure and touch in places not previously possible, such as on the curved surfaces of the human body.
A mind arising from a genetic human nature might not prove conformable.
The otherness of early modern religious agents and culture is translated into more acceptable modern forms conformable to our own cultural assumptions.
Your Honours' task is to construe the statute in the light of the explanation given in the explanatory memorandum if it is conformable with the words.
A conformable policy measure is one that is consistent with those principles, while a non-conformable policy measure is one that clashes with them.
After this, a process of denudation forms a thick sequence of overlying conformable clastic deposits, which contain large amounts of heavy minerals in low concentrations.
A Lower Pennsylvanian silicified ostracode fauna occurs just above the conformable Mississippian-Pennsylvanian boundary within the Barnett Formation in Texas.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The steading is large for the size of the farm, but every steading ought to be made conformable to the farm by the landlord.
The best will always be the simplest, and that which is most conformable to nature.
The walls are decorated with unfluted pilasters, with capitals scarcely conformable to any one order of architecture.
If they modified it, it was only to make it conformable to the behests of their religion.
The shipper might also demand a bill of lading conformable to his instructions.
Although usually conformable to the oolite, it is sometimes, as in the Jura, unconformable.
I suppressed this, replacing it by one conformable to my arrangements.
Within eight days, if thou wilt be patient and conformable to my directions,'' replied Rebecca.
It is possible, Haidee, that so perfect a seclusion, though conformable with the habits and customs of the East, may not be practicable in Paris.
But somehow or other, when I come face to face with the women, my practice is not conformable.
His works will be conformable to the laws of heaven and earth.
Opening their eyes, they see a conformable and perfect world.
His practice appears to have been conformable to his theory.
The status of Latter-day Saints is conformable to this example.
There is nothing so conformable to reason as the disavowal of reason.
But let it reach him in the manner most conformable to your own feelings.
On comparing the Constitution planned by the convention with the standard here fixed, we perceive at once that it is, in the most rigid sense, conformable to it.
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