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His vision had begun blurring near the end of his third dry-heave, and now it was coming back.
The grey seafog sweeps in, blurring the boundary between sea and land, disorientating anyone held in its spell.
He is determined not to commit the past mistake of blurring the thin line between an actor and writer.
And the war is not the only force challenging and blurring the traditional male role as the protector of women.
I insisted that it was not possible to encourage excellence while at the same time blurring the definition of failure.
It's more like a soap opera without a script, blurring the line between what is real and what is manufactured for the cameras.
The line is blurring between the people who make things and the people who buy them.
The design of the coin should be clear and precise with unevenness or blurring a sign of counterfeiting.
In Norway the public broadcaster is a forerunner in blurring the borders between traditional broadcast media and mobile media.
But now that the borders between online and offline zones is blurring, the borders between work and personal time seem to be slipping too.
Unsharpness and resolution refer to the degree of blurring along the boundaries between different regions of the image.
This is only one example in a film that contains what seems a near endless amount of engagements with the blurring between man and machine.
The National Union of Teachers cautioned against blurring the roles between education and social work.
We climb into a headwind that lashes spindrift in our eyes, blurring our vision with sweeping clouds of ice.
As the bus left, she faded into a blurring hazy picture waving from behind the cloud of dust.
A 67 year old man presented with poor vision, blurring, and glare 16 months after bilateral cataract operations.
Stepping into the center of the circle, she rotated, her feet blurring and her floor-length skirt lifting to her knees.
John Soames is now an example of the blurring of the line between church and politics.
Examination of the wire phantom graphically illustrates that when using the hypocycloidal motion, there is uniform blurring of all wires.
Gehry was breaking free, blurring boundaries, importing ideas from another discipline into his own.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Photographers must know that fogging and blurring the image is curtailing the experience of it.
A mild type of petit mal consists of a temporary blurring of consciousness, with muscular weakness.
It was more like an illusion, like a blurring film that had spread abruptly over his eyes.
It gave my eyes a blurring sensation, and I rubbed them and looked again.The blurring sensation makes my eyes ache and my brain tired.
Sergeant Cuff looked for the last time at the foot-marks on the sand, which the rain was now fast blurring out.
It came sailing from Archimedes, a dark shape blurring the stars.
Everything was dreamlike, blurring as though unconsciousness was upon me.
When their giddiness abated, there were blurring views again.
A It's an uneven curvature of the cornea at the front of the eye that distorts vision, resulting in blurring of small print.
I have now, my dear,' he added, blurring out 'Will' with his pencil, 'discharged myself of what is doubtless a formal duty in this case, but still a duty in such a case.
She could hardly see, her eyes having filled with two blurring tears drawn forth by a grief which, to this her best friend and dear advocate she could never explain.
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