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It offers an opportunity to drink deep of the Gothic atmosphere and muse on the blurry boundaries between truth and illusion.
At least bilinear filtering makes texture maps look like globs of blurry pixels.
Unfortunately, my near-perpetual state of blissful inebriation at the time renders the recollections a mite blurry.
It smelled like ammonia and it was all a blurry colour of silver, blue and white that made it feel scientific and clinical.
In the upper right corner, a transparent, blurry patch of white suggests mist.
About two-thirds the way through the opening credits, the screen fills with a blurry, strangely soft image.
Many artists love early machinery, old movie projectors, blurry pieces of film.
In the orbital shots, gorgeously blurry color effects swirl around the axis of his body.
The resulting images show a huge, blurry, white sun dotted with small, indistinct black discs.
Above a slab of white wall, the edge of a window reveals a sliver of blurry blue-green foliage.
Many of the symptoms, such as fatigue, weight loss, irritability, and blurry vision are often overlooked.
I'm blurry as I parachute to a spot near the mansion, but feel better once I hit the ground.
If your eyes go all blurry at the very thought of reading about it, all I can do is encourage you to persevere.
The whole story loses its traction, beginning with blurry confusion in keeping track of all the different characters.
At the moment, the difference between public and private is very blurry in Holland.
The main characters' intentions become more and more blurry and less and less trustworthy.
Make sure the supporting details are complicated and blurry enough to prevent easy refutation.
In these casually snapped photographs, the boundaries between art and life, like the images themselves, can be blurry.
These entities suggest an unusually blurry line between the realms of state and society.
I tried to see what was going on but I couldn't focus all I saw was blurry figures and all I could hear was mumbling.
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Why, I reckon a keb-horse could give her three stone and win in a blurry canter, I do.
She was so pitifully inclined toward Sophie that her eyes were blurry.
Then Aunt Tilly looked up and her specs were all blurry and wet.
There was a blurry shimmer on the wooden plate beside the suitcase.
Came a general nodding and agreement of soft, blurry voices.
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