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A loud whinny broke his thoughts, and Dirano's head turned sharply, and he saw a blur of a white horse, rearing and galloping towards him.
I stare absently at the pattern of the fabric on the seats, an angular blur of red, grey and blue.
People with shortsightedness have poorer ability to focus accurately by accommodation, which leads to even more retinal blur and defocus.
The world was a blur around us and if I tried to focus outside the circle of movement, I got a headache pretty quick.
The rider gets into an aerodynamic tuck, as the mountain scenery streaks past in a blur.
This is where the dividing line between ratepayers and taxpayers begins to blur.
It's got to the point now where there are so many signs that they blur into a background hiss of white noise.
Sweden is a blur of golden wheat fields, bright wildflowers and hot rosehip tea.
It was mostly a blur, but expect a write-up and more thoughts on the event over the next few days.
Everything around me seemed to have become nothing but a blur, the sounds barely even registering in my mind.
The woman pushed Bill aside, her movements a blur as she launched herself at the dark figure.
In a sudden blur of movement she launched herself across the office in my direction.
Just as he did so, a black blur zinged through the air where his head had been a split second before.
The green blur of the commuter train as it speeds in the night draws a streak of light like a zoetrope, one of the many visual surprises.
The irregular shape of the cornea distorts the image causing it to blur, unlike in a lazy eye where the eye is essentially normal.
Sure enough, her father's Gallons Pumped display showed a blur of numbers, shooting ever upwards.
Lynne's recollection of the rest of the night is a blur and her friend Jane takes up her story.
The acts are intended to blur the lines between the audience and the performers.
The company insist that their experiments are not in any way intended to blur the lines between human and animal.
Manet was starkly linear, and sober in his coloration, whilst Renoir preferred loose curves and a roseate blur.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The grass was all but hidden under a blue blur of scabious, and the cobwebs in the hedges were elaborately studded with dew-drops.
Ben could dredge up no infantile memory of them but a blur of faces sharing nothing, voices tediously speaking not for him.
A little creaking of a floorboard, a vague, misty blur almost at his side, and still Lee saved his fire.
I think I have read somewhere that the function of present-day criticism is to befog the mind and blur the object criticised.
He could see nothing through the porthole save a dark blur, but he heard the creaking of cordage and the slatting of sails.
The streak of something slovenly crept into the nobility, smudging it, so to speak, with a blur.
Then, too, standish was conscious of a vague cloud which had come up to blur their relationship.
We lay in a swampy little inlet, and the forest wall made a dark blur against the star-studded sky.
The sun was present, a hazed white blur just visible in the overcast.
Nearby was a great dark blur which he recognized as the killer whale that had struck him down.
Page after page of the neatest of minute figures, not a blot, not a blur, not an erasure.
The veils and salt crusts that blur mural paintings are the most unaesthetic and disturb the vision.
The propeller vanished in a blur as Jeter let the motor out.
Time will blur the incongruities and moss over the mistakes.
At that speed, the magnetic poles and their motions turn into a flicker, a blur, a cloud of activity centered at the true north pole.
The turnpike lamp was a blur, quite out of the lamp's usual place apparently, and its rays looked solid substance on the fog.
The other, a mere blur of light upon the darkness, indicated the position of the anchored ship.
Very far to the west an elongated blur of red, low down, shows us the North Banks Mark Boat.
He hastened to meet us, arriving in the whirl and blur of a handspring.
One could faintly discern the windows and chimneys, and a dull blur of lights.
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