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She replied bluntly, not bothering with the common courtesy Elizabeth expected.
The journalist claimed he was treated bluntly and said the staff attitude made no business sense and he could have been making a booking.
Cholly was to play his toothsome, verdant secretary who was, quiet bluntly, very dim.
My own husband, who is more realistic about his profession than most, gets a little shirty when I express myself so bluntly.
Out of the blankness that floated thickly through my mind, one thing bluntly shone its way through.
The committee bluntly rejected busing the higher classes to Amherst for a number of reasons.
The audience stood up and applauded him as, in his usual style, he made the point bluntly and undiplomatically.
This is a charge that the Sun columnist has been bluntly hammering him with day in and day out.
I hear on the grapevine that she was asked to reduce her invoice and bluntly refused.
He says bluntly that he seeks to shrink government to the size where he can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.
Some owners bluntly told their slaves they did not want the financial burden of women and children without the reward of cheap slave labor.
The surgeon bluntly dissected all detected adhesions from the omentum on the duodenum into the gallbladder and dissected the gallbladder free.
This may be stretching a point, but it does underline how bluntly the race card figures in the current conflict.
Or to put it more bluntly, some hypotheticals obscure more than they reveal.
The legs also look particularly rigid, and the clumpy feet, lacking such details as claws, contact the ground bluntly.
I do believe there is something to be said at times for speaking bluntly and coarsely.
The diaphragm is then bluntly dissected away from the parietal peritoneum, leaving the peritoneum behind.
To put this bluntly, art and its processes have always been incomprehensible to philistines and ideologues on the right and left.
The surgeon incises the skin and bluntly dissects through the subcutaneous fat to expose the sartorius.
The essence of the audience's rising ire was bluntly summarised in an incredulous question from the floor.
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Examples from Classical Literature
They took bluntly the side of the Union against Palmerston whom they hated.
But what was it that Evelyn had required of Mary and that Mary had bluntly refused to do?
And she saw him again, too, as he had been the night he had so bluntly told her of his passion for Rose.
The leaves are cordate, and bluntly three or five lobed, a little downy beneath, but smooth above.
The waiter did not know what it was and the irascible Teuton informed him bluntly that he was a dummkopf.
Yielding to circumstances he accepted what he bluntly pronounced, ungenerous and unchivalrous terms.
They do not believe, and they tell you bluntly they do not believe, any man who claims to be an altruist.
From the crowd someone had run to the office of Doctor Parcival who had bluntly refused to go down out of his office to the dead child.
Vanstone by telling him bluntly that the document was waste paper in the eye of the law.
But there was the danger of his breaking through my defense bluntly.
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