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Her blond hair was being whipped by the wind, behind her black clouds boiled and lightning flashed, or so it seemed to George and the woman.
I had an English lecturer once, a bizarre and idiosyncratic Canadian with a PhD from Johns Hopkins and a bushy blond walrus moustache.
The blond full-back's pass to Paulse was perfectly timed and the wing made the 22 remaining metres with something to spare.
He put on his shoes, jammed his hat over his unruly blond hair, and walked next door, opening the door and ambling into the twins' room.
The blond is Hadley, the queen bee of a trio of rich college girls on a campus in North Carolina.
One had short blond hair and wore a blue, hooded sports jacket, dark jeans and white trainers.
The blond and the jock were still finishing up their witty repartee while frantic techno music rattled on in the background.
Short and portly, with close-cut blond hair and a voice that can knock your jockey shorts off, Dee often appears as the romantic lead.
The blond man's study, he was vexed to learn, was locked, but the room adjacent to it was not.
Cory shook his head at her, his blond fringe falling over his dark eyes, giving him the rakish look.
Her blond hair was being whipped by the wind and behind her black clouds boiled and lightning flashed, or so it seemed to George and the woman.
The long greasy blond locks in his face, the raspiness to his voice and his stage presence all scream Cobain in a surreal, time-travel way.
A blond girl giggled softly as a boy whispered into her ear, his arm around her shoulders.
He had blond hair and was wearing a light coloured jacket, white trousers and black shoes.
His hair was of a brilliant blond mingled with the rays of silver moonlight.
Thornback and blond rays are most often seen, with brill, plaice, sole, flounder and even turbot on occasion.
Bill becomes Shirleen, complete with a shocking blond wig, and Jack turns into a scary sci-fi cowboy waving a plastic ray gun.
Beneath the widow's peak of dyed blond hair, his face, as faces do, is beginning to pucker and billow.
He had dirty blond hair that fit his face better than the black hair from the wig.
He was slight with sandy blond hair, wearing a pale blue shirt and khaki slacks.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Brunette or blond, beautiful or otherwise, it needed but a moment to find out.
And if she had been blond, dolichocephalic, and long-nosed, she would have seemed all right to you.
The color, not undecided in tone as other blond hair, sparkled to the light like a filagree of burnished gold.
And so you will never know how she, the beery woman with the tangled blond hair, was once a girl on a farm in far-off New Jersey.
It was such a sweet, simple group in the bright sunlight, which lighted their dear eyes and their blond curls.
Anyhow, five young Englishmen out of every ten of his class are just as blond and foolish.
Her blond wig, frizzed and powdered, sustained a superb cap with knots of cherry satin ribbon matching those on her dress.
Nancy, pull your braids around to the front so they can see your blond hair.
Kinnard Towers was floridly blond of coloring, mild of eye and urbanely soft-spoken of voice.
A blond forming a fanchon on the calotte is laid also under the other edge of the ornament.
Noble, the blond youth, frantically examining the atomics, was a bio-chemist.
But who could this blond stranger be who appeared so sinisterly in the two scenes?
Olaf Swenson, the big blond fellow from the scandia fiords, came and flung himself down by Grantline.
Beneath the deep 126 gold of his blond skin Hollister flushed.
The blond well-kept man seemed to be swelling with embarrassment.
Never had the blond Ulla so entirely agreed with him before.
Then, their hair is different, Mrs. Withers' black, Miss Fulton's blond.
But we must hasten to add that his voice produced what might be called an antithesis to his blond delicacy.
In fear perhaps before a Furious, yellow, blond and curled Leonine monster?
The blond cornfields were red gold, the haystacks turned rosy and threw long shadows.
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