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The offensive and shocking new program is a show for blokes about being a bloke and doing blokey things.
Down by the college flats near Darwin, I saw an old and slightly raddled bloke in a dog collar and full priestly garb.
I have to say that he was a thoroughly nice bloke, genuinely modest and unassuming.
Yeah, the bloke who'd been so badly injured they'd pulled him off the pitch would have been the perfect choice to take an important spot kick.
He was a funny bloke and we were about the only people round here that he spoke to.
The old bloke is 84 and one of the most belligerent and funniest people I've ever met.
I don't know too much about him, but he seemed like an important man and a good bloke.
Well there you are at the bar ordering your fifth vodka and you get chatting to this fit bloke.
He seems such a nice bloke, however, that I left worried he was just being polite.
I just thought the bloke dancing along in his computer chair was quite funny.
Undeterred I decided to wait outside for two hours to see whether this bloke was telling the truth.
He wanted me to think he was an innocent, ordinary bloke, but I wasn't going to fall for that trick.
What is certain is that this gangly bloke from the plains is right at home in the mountains.
Eventually, one bloke told me to try spinners, which are shiny pieces of metal with hooks on the end.
I did get a drunken phone call last night at 3am from some Scouse bloke looking for Dave.
He may have been an academic and a Pom, was the subtext, but he was still a good keen bloke.
As a normal, relaxed, laid back bloke, I find the whole phenomenon just really odd.
Then, about two weeks later, I went to the club where this bloke was the doorman.
She hired some old Greek bloke to knock one up for her, which he did in record time.
He's a truly talented bloke and it's such a shame that nobody who matters has picked up on his brilliance.
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There's many a swell bloke 'ud give 'arf a dollar for that to put 'is baccy in.
Then, if I had lost a leg, like that bloke over there, they wouldn't aid me.
He said the old bloke was having his afternoon caulk, and that they daren't wake him.
You can see the trench and the head of the bloke what's working that tac-tac of theirs.
But what can they do when they find a bloke paradin' the streets with a jag on?
I didn't tell all what happened in the stall to-day when that bloke were here.
Where I lived as a kid, the local bookie was a bloke called Wheeler who served the inhabitants in our part of Aston and Summer Lane.
Ev'ry bloke dat wuz hungry would have a feed bag an w'enever he wanted it.
Did you notice that bloke fillin' up the cart with pumpkins?
Henderson is the men's man, that other bloke belongs to wimmen.
Can I 'ave the arternoon off to see a bloke abaht a job fer my missis?
A white contractor's flatbed turns up in the street and one bloke slings out some Tarmac while another tamps it down with a hand rammer.
He also worked as a painter on the Sydney Harbor Bridge that right there makes him a pretty legit bloke.
You see that bloke who's not been near a dugout since you were born, but is now managing a team playing Manchester United in the FA Cup?
A big bloke like me, you tell them it's your big toe and they just think you are going to strap it up.
By supporters of a bloke who can't tell a top-class jockey from a bar-room potman.
A bloke goes by every little w'ile an' fergets to duck 'is napper.
Yesterday, Amaryllis, I was some bloke, because I was useful to you.
The bloke who had such strong objections to me is her sweetheart.
Sometimes there is a perception of me as a fun-loving, jovial bloke who takes a guitar everywhere and is happy to play second fiddle.
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