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How to use blameworthiness in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word blameworthiness? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The criminal law normally reflects culpability and blameworthiness for moral wrong in a general sense.
Such a person has surely crossed the threshold of blameworthiness, both in conduct and in the accompanying fault.
The learned judge failed to consider the blameworthiness of the parties properly or at all.
The Court of Appeal held that the trial judge had under-emphasized the gravity of the offence and the offender's moral blameworthiness.
Ensuingly I shall also aim to demonstrate that the meta-normative claims defended shed new and important light on first-order problems concerning the epistemic blameworthiness of particular agents.
The focus is on the blameworthiness of the accused.38 As such, the standard of proof in a criminal proceeding is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
When there are multiple agents associated with a negative event, however, the perceived responsibility and blameworthiness of each agent may be greatly reduced.
There is room, on her view, to hold that praiseworthiness is compatible with determinism though blameworthiness is not.
The third points to the need to move beyond what is by definition a notion of individual moral blameworthiness and to figure out how groups might be understood as morally blameworthy qua groups.
A mitigating circumstance is something that reduces the defendant's blameworthiness or otherwise supports a less severe punishment.
Yet another strategy is to divorce completely the moral appraisals of acts from the blameworthiness or praiseworthiness of the agents who undertake them, even when those agents are fully cognizant of the moral appraisals.
But this no more affects Mark's blameworthiness than the evil demon's threat affects an object's admirability.
But, unless we want to ground moral blameworthiness in pure utility, we do have to assume, at the very least, that the collective in question has produced the harm.
A unanimous Supreme Court, however, allowed the Crown's appeal and restored the nine-month jail sentence on the basis of the gravity of the offence and the accused's level of moral blameworthiness.
In determining that fine the court should consider the moral blameworthiness of the organization through such factors as the profit it made and the planning involved in the offence.
Legislators, judges, and juries following intuitive notions of blameworthiness will tend to overassess individual responsibility and underassess situational factors.
As discussed above, the discussion of an overborne will has led to the confounding of the concepts of moral blameworthiness and moral involuntariness in the criminal law.
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